Camry 2.0G 2011

Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Test Drive Review

Happy Chinese New Year 2013! Another wonderful chinese new year has passed again.  Other than the usual highlights of Chinese New Year for my family, gathering and steamboat, this time my uncle drove his Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 back to our grandparent house.

He requested me to fetch his daughter from the Penang Airport. His daughter has just got married to a wonderful Hong Kong guy and she coming back from Hong Kong to celebrate chinese new year with us after celebrating at HK with her husband and his family.

Of course, I accepted his favor, and let me use his Toyota Camry 2.0G to fetch his daughter. Yes, I got to drive his Toyota Camry 2.0G to the airport :) Even though it is not the latest 2012 Toyota Camry, his car is still attractive and was fun for me to drive.

The Toyota Camry 2.0G comes with full leather seats and has electronically adjustable front seats. The Camry 2.0G comes with sophisticated colours which creates a comfortable environment for everyone inside the ride. The dashboard is covered with beige coloured and wooden trims giving the Camry a class of it own.

The steering comes with switch controls for the audio, bluetooth control, and cruise control.

IMAG1236 1024x577 Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Test Drive Review

Leather Adjustable Electronic Seats

IMAG1237 1024x577 Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Test Drive Review

Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Dashboard trimmed with fined crafted wood

I was amazed by the spaciousness of the car. The driver’s seat seems too big for my height at 170cm. Perhaps I’m too used to my Vios’s seat. Rear seats can accommodate 3 adults easily with more than enough room for each of them.

There are 2 air-con vents for the rear seats too. The air-con comes with Plasma Cluster and Ion features that ensures the air inside the cabin is clean and healthy for passengers. The air con comes with automatic dual zone air conditioning.

IMAG1239 1024x577 Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Test Drive Review

Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Spacious with air-con vent rear seats

The engine was quiet but not as quiet as the Honda Civic 1.8S which I managed to test drive a few weeks back.  The seats and steering are user friendly when it comes to adjustments, it just takes less than a minutes for me to adjust them, including the rear and side mirrors to an optimum position for me.

The panel meter is illuminated with white back light which looks very pleasing for me icon smile Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Test Drive Review

IMAG1225 1024x577 Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Test Drive Review

Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Panel Meter

IMAG1226 577x1024 Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Test Drive Review
Camry 2.0G glowing Dashboard

The trip was at night, so I got to turn ON the projector headlamps with HID. The white light scattered very well, giving me very bright light, enabling me to see clearly on the road. The headlamp design is very attractive, especially at the turning indicator with the 3 fines line. 

IMAG1235 1024x577 Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Test Drive Review

Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Projector Headlamp with auto levelling

The moment I stepped on the gas pedal, I felt a good response from the car as it moved immediately without lagging. The car comes with  DOHC engine with VVT-i, 147PS @6000rpm  gave me very good acceleration even with 4 persons in the car, which is 2 adults and 2 kids in the car.

Gear shifting  is excellent, the ratio of gears is superb and smooth that I hardly feel the gear changing during drive time. Thanks to 4-speed automatic transmission with Super ECT (Electronic Control Transmission).

My uncle says the car is not powerful enough for overtaking on the highway. He was right, this Toyota Camry 2.0G may not be a car that gives you good sprinting on the highway, but is more than sufficient for everyone to enjoy a comfortable ride.

The Toyota Camry 2.0G is equipped with Electronic Control Transmission (ECT) feature. When you switch ON the ECT mode, the switching of gears will be delayed to make your ride more powerful and responsive. Most of the time, people won’t switch it ON as it will consume more petrol since it delays switching to a larger gear.

IMAG1233 1024x577 Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Test Drive Review

Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011

The handling of this Toyota Camry 2.0G is up to its class. My confidence level was still high as I cruised at a speed of 110km/h.  The engine sound remained silent even at that speed. The steering feel is great too as it is not too light and provides a solid and confident feeling when driving at high speed.

I just couldn’t get used to the steering size, which is way bigger than my Toyota Vios steering. The whole journey was comfortable, quiet and stable. Thanks to the wonderful suspensions combined with the 215/60/16 wide tyre size. I even hardly noticed when I went over the potholes.

My 2 nieces were sleeping throughout the whole journey, while I was driving, which just shows us how comfortable this Toyota Camry 2.0G.

IMAG1234 1024x577 Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Test Drive Review

Toyota Camry 2.0G Chrome Door Handles

Toyota Camry 2.0G comes with rich chromed parts, from the front grill to the rear license plate outline. Safety features of this Toyota Camry 2.0G include 2 airbags, ABS, EBD, BA and the immobilizer alarm system.

IMAG1232 1024x577 Toyota Camry 2.0G 2011 Test Drive Review

Toyota Camry 2.0G Rear View

Overall, the Toyota Camry 2.0G is a very comfortable car, with spacious and very pleasant interior. It is ideal for families with 5-6 members. Handling is solid, giving a comfortable feeling and confidence when cruising on long journeys. One drawback is that the car isn’t really designed for performance. It doesn’t really give you the acceleration power you would expect on 2.0 engine. The suspensions are not rigid, thus providing superb comfort especially when going over bumps and potholes. However, it is not built for harsh cornering.

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