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Car engine required proper mixture of fuel and air in order to generate the powerful combustion by the pistons. As our engine rev at higher RPM, more air and fuel will be flow into the engine to generate the power. The air is come from our air intake system under the engine’ hood.

Grounding Cable HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point at VVT-i engine bay

Grounding Cable HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point at VVT-i engine bay

There is an car engine air filter in the air intake system to prevent the dusts, dirt and any other contamination from go into our vulnerable engine.  But as time goes by, the air filter may become more dirtier and clogged thus restricted the air from flowing in.
Toyota Vios Engine Air Filter Cover

Toyota Vios Engine Air Filter Cover

When come to this point, you car may have less power, less responsive, more sluggish and higher fuel consumption. This is the time where you need to replace your car air filter.
Most of the original car manufacturer using fabric air filter which you have to replace when the hit the mileages.
Vehicle manufacturer recommends that every 30,000km or 40,000km mileages to replace the engine air filter for optimum performance.

How to DIY to replace the Car Engine Air Filter:

1) What we have to do is  open the hood of the car then locate the engine air filter cover.
2) Then, snap off the catch point of the cover, and unfold over the cover.

Engine Air Filter in Toyota Vios Engine Bay

Engine Air Filter in Toyota Vios Engine Bay

Now we can replace the old and dirty car engine air filter with the new car engine air filter. The whole process is so easy and it’s only take my 5 minutes to get the job done.

New and Old Toyota Vios Engine Air Filter

New and Old Toyota Vios Engine Air Filter

Picture above showed the new car engine air filter and the 40,000KM used air filter Toyota Vios. Now you see how dirty it is after the 40,000KM of driving!
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4 thoughts on “How to Do It Yourself (DIY) Replacing Your Car Engine Air Filter”

  1. Aviniysh says:

    Hi kelvin, I was searching for Voltage Stabilizer and eventually bump to your webpage. I find out many interesting post and decided to read all of them. Since your car is no longer under warranty and you are servicing at regular service centre. Why not try getting a drop in airfilter like (K&N, BMC, Simota etc). They comes with a higher initial cost but once you installed no longer need to replace airfilter anymore. Just clean the airfilter yourself every 30000 to 40000 km using the cleaning kit bundled together. Besides than you will notice an immediate hp gain and lower fuel consumption. I notice this in my 1.3 Proton Saga which gets lively with this simple mod. Since no any exhaust component is modified the stock ECU & O2 sensor will manage to compute the air-fuel ratio accordingly.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hey Aviniysh,
      Thanks for drop by and read my posts!
      And thanks for the proposed K&N air filter! I am thinking that long time ago but wasn’t in budget at that time.
      I will upgrade the air filter soon, stay tune and hope to see around again 🙂

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    1. Kelvin says:

      Thank you!
      Do drop by more often for update!

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