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Working Smart or Working Hard?

Working smart or working hard? Many of us often want to works smart in every single thing in the life to achieve our life goals in the smart way. But we often neglected that working smart often come together with working hard too.

I’ve seen a lot people trying to works smart, but what I found they have working smart in the “wrong way”. These people tend to be the selfish person that are trying to push everything (responsibility, dishonesty, blame….) especially in the office, to the other person so that they are free from those job/responsibility. They thought they are smart in that way, smarter than those people butt this doesn’t really resolve the issue in the effective way.

Example, a lot people tend to think by delegate the job to other people is part is the “working smart” way. Not knowing that, not every job is appropriate to be delegated. By delegate the wrong job to someone else is not the effective way to get the job done. Other than that, you are making the person you delegated the job to him  to “hate” you. I’ve seen a lot people in my work places working in such “working smart” way.

At this point of time, you are in the lose-lose situation where you lose a friend, you making someone life miserable and the job don’t get done in the effective way.

Working Smart or Working Hard?

Working Smart or Working Hard?

The right approach is both of you and your partner should work together to get the job done instead of pushing the job to someone else. You need to face the issue/problems and figure out the best solutions and workout together with your team instead of pushing the issue to someone else. You gotta be a team player and work as partner.

When you are working as a team, things get done faster and you are more motivated to and aggressive too. Now, this is what I called is “working smart” 🙂

To be a successful person, working smart is not enough but he/she has to be working hard as well. See those successful people around us, Steve Job, Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg and so on. These people are smart, and they are working smart and working hard at the same time as well to achieve their goals.

They works all days and nights in order to get where they are today. Now they are enjoying their fruits. Recently, Mark Zukerberg’s wife has just donated 120 million dollars to charity and Bill Gates has donated a lot of monies to charities throughout his life, while for Steve Job, he has created a legacy of mobile industrial but  he lost the battle to the cancer 🙁

To be a successful entrepreneur, working smart and hard is MUST! I am working smart and hard in my way to achieve my goals now, hopefully someday from now where I can have the “freedom” for both time and financial for my loves one 🙂


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