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Why Do I Work So Hard?

Some people said that I works too hard, judging between hectic manufacturing engineer daily job in Penang, working out this car blog,  analyzing and investing in stocks and property.

Why I am doing all these things and making my life so hectic and stressful? Am I so attached to all those money and wanted to be rich so badly? So that I can own those fancy luxury cars (Nissan Fairlady or Porsche), big houses and sleeping around with hot chicks?

Nah… I am not into those rich boy toys and trying to be a boastful guy. I just want to live happily and freedom in this world 🙂

Working Hard or working smart?

Why Do I Work So Hard?

What I am trying to achieve is the financial and life freedom, living the life where money is no longer an issue to me.

Here is the short list what I (most of us) wanted in our life:

  1. To have the precious time of full 24 hours a day, for myself and my love one instead of spend it to the daily job to exchange for that small amount of money.
  2. To eat my favorite raw salmon and sashimi anytime that I wanted (salmon and sashimi is not cheap in Malaysia…)
  3. Get to exercise anytime that I wanted (sometimes daily job making me too exhausted to hit to gym or for a jog)
  4. To wake up by myself after sleep instead of being ring by the alarm clock
  5. To travel and visit the world at anytime that I wanted without waiting the cheap flight and budget guesthouse
  6. To live in my favorite condo
  7. To provided sufficient financial supports for my parents and bring them to see the world
  8. To be able to give my time and financial support to my love one and my child (when I have it in future)
  9. To be able to shop without looking at the price tag ~woohooo
  10. To have sufficient amount of emergency funds for myself and my loves one

My current daily job is not able to feed me with those things that I have in my list. That why I am looking for the alternative ways.

Who want to live in the hectic and stressful life when they have the option?

My parent stop giving me a single sen since I am graduated from my degree studies. They are expecting me to provide them some pocket money too.

The pay earned from the daily job wasn’t sufficient for someone who have to pay for the parents, installment for the car and house, and the daily high cost of living expenses. Not to mention about saving, oh gosh!

I am not born from rich family, thus I understand the  insufficient of money lifestyle. It wasn’t fun nor something you are looking forward to try out. Even those basic needs will be the our concern when we are poor such as too poor to look for medical treatment and eating healthy food.

The life definitely would be better  if we have certain amount of money that allows us to live the way we wanted.

Money don’t buy me 100% happiness but it will provide me a better and more secure life for me and my family.

After all, my working time isn’t as long as those maids where they working time started upon they awake and work until the sleeping time. I should be grateful where I still can sleep 7 hours a day and hit to gym for the workout and hang around with friends on weekend 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Why Do I Work So Hard?”

  1. Jamil says:

    Kelvin, I understand your feelings and concerns. You are still young and have the energy, passion, and the right drive. Go ahead. Go for it ! At the same time look after your health as well. Thank God, you are also filial. All the best ! : )

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Jamil,
      thanks for your message and keep on coming back to my site.
      You are awesome and I am glad that I have such a great reader on my site!
      You too have to take care of your health 🙂

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