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Correct tyre pressure level is crucial to your tyre longevity and also the safety of yourself and the passengers inside the car.

Under or over-inflated tyres reduced the tyre gripping to the road, thus reduced the handling and stability of the car. Under inflated tyres will make the car to be sluggish during acceleration, thus consumes more fuel as well for the same distance compared to proper inflated tyres pressure.

Wrong or incorrect tyres pressure will cause the tyres wear out as early as 10,000KM+ earlier than proper inflated tyres too.
It’s best to check the vehicle tyres’ pressure every once a month, and follow the tyre PSI recommendations in the owner’s manual or the label on the driver door post.
The recommended tyre pressure is vary for different cars. Heavy cars eventually required higher PSI and lighter cars required lower PSI.
The best practice is check your tyre pressure whenever we fill up the petrol tank in petrol station. Correct tyre pressure not only reduces the wear and tear on the wheel, but also provide optimum gripping to your car.
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