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When was the last time you said sorry?

Hari Raya festival is just 2 days away from today, and a lot of people are going to celebrate Hari Raya festival have taken leave from their job to rush back to their hometown to celebrate their big day while the other that doesn’t celebrate the festival also taking the advantage of the long holiday to go back hometown and some of them going for short holiday trip.

Living in Malaysia that comes with variety of cultures, I am feel blessed because I’ve being exposed to different cultures and of course the foods too that I get to enjoys non stop in this country. One of the many cultures that impressed me is the ‘seeking forgiveness’ around us from the Islam culture that being practices until now during the first day of Raya celebration.

When was the last time you said sorry?

When was the last time you said sorry?

How many of us do actually say ‘sorry’ sincerely and admit our mistakes when we have done something wrong?

Yes, we all did some mistakes once a while in our life. Me and you did mistakes in the past and we will still make mistakes in the future too. Human makes mistakes through the time, and this is unavoidable. Nobody is never made any mistake in their life.

But thi is not the matter, what important is that person have to learn what mistakes they have done, so that they won’t did the same mistake again and also be willing to admit is their own fault and sincerely apologize. Being someone willing to apologize for their mistakes is not mean they are weaker but it means they are strong enough to admit their mistakes and seek for forgiveness. These people are responsible for their own fault action and reserve respect from people.

Life is short and a lot of uncertainty ahead, you know that, isn’t it? So, start to apologizes and admit your mistakes if you have done any of it recently.

Happy pre-Raya celebration to everyone!

It is almost 12am, I need to catch up my sleep because tomorrow I am going to bring my parent to Cameron Highland and contribute to the traffic jam on the road with my Toyota Vios!

Night 🙂

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