Metal Heel Pad on automotive carpet mat Toyota Vios

What to do if your car have tear on the Automotive Carpet Mat?

Many of us included myself experienced the tear on the automotive carpet mat after we drive our car for certain period of time. The spot that usual the carpet mat tear is located at the driver side, where we are resting our right foot heel on it when we controlling the accelerator and break pedals. Throughout the time, the hole will getting bigger and begin to tear due to constant contact from our heel with the foot wear.

My carpet mat on driver Toyota Vios is tear up after 3 years. One day, I went for car wash and there is a guy saw my carpet mat tear up during the vacuum. He proposed to install the metal heel pad on my carpet mat wit RM25.

Metal Heel Pad on automotive carpet mat Toyota Vios

Metal Heel Pad on automotive carpet mat Toyota Vios

I agreed to the offer since I am going to replace the torn carpet mat soon. The installation is pretty easy, he just screw the 4 edge points from the heel pad to the automotive carpet mat. Initially I am not getting used to the metal heel pad on the carpet mat, it feel slippery while I resting my right foot on it. But eventually I am getting used to it and the metal heel pad served the function! I don’t think there will be  tear on this carpet mat anymore.

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