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Walking a Different Path

As usual, everyone in the office is busy responding to the emails, while some are reading their favorite novels, comics through the company’s laptops and the other are chatting through the instant messengers.

I have just done attended the another endless manufacturing quality issues meeting with the team and I finally able get back to sit on my cubical. A ton of tasks is piling up ahead.

As I am just to sip my Nescafe coffee leftover on the desk this morning, my colleague who just done watched a Youtube video update me what he had watched.

Then I see the other colleagues at the corner side are discussing where to have the lunch later and some even planning for the night activities.

That time I was wondering why don’t they just focus on their tasks get it done fast but instead hanging around in the office and become unproductive employees inside the office.

After several months working in this company and learned few friends here, I am getting closer to them. some of them told me that the company paid them low pay, that why they are demotivated to be productive.

Things still the same after several years, later on, I was promoted to next level of engineer position. I got an increment for the promotion but the increment barely competes against the inflation of the market. I hardly save any money for my own future, not to mention to move to next level of lifestyle or start a family.

I began wondering if this is the right path that I should be following. I want to have higher pay job where it is sufficient for me to start a family and living the comfortable life. I want to support my parents effortlessly and have sufficient emergency funds.

Walking a Different Path

Walking a Different Path

The Journey Began

2 years back, in July 2012 I have taken a different path where fewer people are walking. I’ve begun to start my own auto website business and work a lot on the internet marketing. Time and money are heavily invested in this field.

While my colleagues and friends are enjoying every weekend watching movies, hanging out, get drunk but I am staying at my house to work for my goals. There is countless of times where I am tired and wanted to give up, but the desire of wanted to get out from employment life is so strong and eventually keep me continue.

I am still working on my website after my day job and also during the weekend until today. I don’t know whether am I going to successfully to achieve my desire lifestyle but there is one’s thing for sure that is I know I won’t regret in my life later on because this is the best I could have done.

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Kelvin Ang in Linkedin

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4 thoughts on “Walking a Different Path”

  1. Jamil says:

    Times are bad now. Many companies are finding it hard to go further. Costs keep increasing. Employees should try to understand this and contribute to make their firms successful. Then only can the company raise their salaries.
    Kelvin, by going the extra mile to improve your income, never lose hope. Age is on your side. Every success require sacrifies.
    Keep going. Gain more knowledge so that you can improve your projects. Work hard. Once all these have been, then leave it to fate. But you must make a few tries first.
    Wish you all the best in all your endeavours.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Thanks for the advise, Jamil.
      I will not give up!

  2. Ken says:

    Jia you! MNCs are unable to provide high salaries, or if the govt was to interfere, the competitiveness of the labour market will be affected; thus, increasing the labour costs for those MNCs. They will shift their plants to somewhere else and many people will be jobless. It is good that you are starting something different, best of luck Kel! 😀

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Ken!
      Nice to see you here again! How are you? You seem enjoying food around the island 🙂

      Yea, we gotta have something to backup in case our primary job is not doing well. You have your awesome foodies blog too. Best of luck to both of us 🙂

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