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Voltage Stabilizer And Grounding Cables Effect – Myth And Fact

Many of auto enthusiasts told us by installing the voltage stabilizer with grounding cables into our vehicle, the device able to provide better TORQUE and FUEL CONSUMPTION to our vehicle. But how this tiny device with few capacitors and and the thick colorful cables able to give such an great impact to the vehicle performance?

Voltage Stabilizer Plus Grounding Cable

Voltage Stabilizer Plus Grounding Cable

Before we dive into how the voltage stabilizer and grounding cables work, let’s see how our car electronics work first.

Our car battery acts as a source of voltage and current, not to mention this battery is already behave as the big voltage stabilizer. Electricity is generated from the car’s alternator then transferred to the vehicle battery, headlamp, ICE, ECU, compressor and other electronics devices that required.

During the periods of low electricity draw from the car, the excess electricity generated by the car alternator will be transfer to charge up the car battery.

Toyota Vios GT Street Front View during Night time

Toyota Vios GT Street Front View during Night time

On the other side, when the car system is on high demand for electricity such as the car is idle for a long time with air-con, ICE and headlamp turned ON that outweighs the electricity generated by the alternator then excess electricity will be drawn from the car battery to assist for the demand.

Our car lead-acid battery is unable to switch from charge to discharge rapidly or fast enough to quell small-scale voltage fluctuations or electrical “noise” that adversely affect the car’s electronic components.

Pivot Raizin VS-1 Connect to the car battery

Pivot Raizin VS-1 Connect to the car battery

As a result, our electronic components are unable to perform at tip-top condition during this time.

When such a situation occurs, this is where the voltage stabilizer comes to assist. The Voltage stabilizer helps stabilize the voltage supply and minimize electrical “noise” to the car’s system.

Below are the dyno graphs obtained from Importtuner for testing on the 95′ 240SX car with 3rd gear full-throttle pulls using PIVOT RAIZIN voltage stabilizer together with the grounding cables.

Without PIVOT RAIZIN voltage stabilizer

Without PIVOT RAIZIN voltage stabilizer


With PIVOT Voltage Stabilizer

The voltage stabilizer brought a slight increase to the torque by 2.1 with a tiny loss of horsepower by 0.5. Each system had it’s peak power and torque bumped up. The improvement is relatively low. But the some users claimed that the voltage stabilizer makes the headlamp brighter and the sound system improved.

The testing result was obtained from –>

Grounding Cable HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point at VVT-i Toyota Vios engine bay 2

Grounding Cable HKS Mega Thick 8GA 5-Point at VVT-i Toyota Vios engine bay with Pivot Voltage Stabilizer

Other users claimed that after installed the voltage stabilizer and grounding cables:

  1. Engine start-up becomes easier
  2. Smoother acceleration
  3. ICE (sound system) becomes better
  4. Improves life span of the car battery
  5. Engine vibration is reduced during idling

Conclusion, installation of voltage stabilizer and grounding cable does little improvement on the car performance that users are barely notice the differences. I installed the Pivot Voltage Stabilizer into my Toyota Vios, but I don’t feel the differences in performance as well as the improvement on the electronic devices.

Read how to improve the car performance in the proper ways and learn about how to DIY install car voltage stabilizer.

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8 thoughts on “Voltage Stabilizer And Grounding Cables Effect – Myth And Fact”

  1. Ejam says:

    How much total does it cost. Thinking to put in my 2005 avanza.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      It would be probably cost around RM200 for the voltage stabilizer itself 🙂

  2. jamilah says:

    i think i have read this article from another site. Please dont copy others work

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Jamilah,
      I’ve put the reference for the original site.
      Thanks for your input.

  3. Suren says:

    Hello Kelvin,

    Appreciate the well written myths and facts. I recently purchased a 97 Sportage and got it diagnosed. The mechs mentioned that there is low voltage reading during the diagnosis. Given it is a close to 20year old, I have my suspicion on the ability of the grounding cables and wiring.

    Thus thinking of getting a voltage stabilizer and grounding cables done. The concerns I have is, how to accurately gauge if there is a before and after change? Besides getting a diagnosis, or ‘intuition’ methods..?

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hello Suren,
      Low voltage reading might be due to your Sportage’s battery no longer that efficient, or might be due to your aging alternator.
      Installing the voltage stabilizer and grounding cables if only your car having problem with rapid fluctuation of voltage constantly.
      Hope my thought helped you, let me know if you have more query.

  4. Jamil says:

    Hi Kelvin,
    From my personal experience, benefits gained from using voltage stabilizer and grounding are very marginal. Modern cars are well-designed. No need to use such aftermarket devices.

    1. Kelvin says:

      Hi Jamil,
      You are right, in fact those gadget (voltage stabilizer and grounding cable) is more appropriate for older vehicle that more than 10 years, where those vehicles have bad grounding and bad electronic parts. Modern vehicle no do required yet such gadgets as all those parts are still relatively new and the circuitry connection is still in optimum level.
      By the way, recently I purchased those Voltage Stabilizer and grounding cable and DIY on my car. It more for the outlook only… haha 🙂
      I will update in my blog soon…

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