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This is the short video created with Iphone SE, Memories feature for 2015. It was one of the best years for Kelvin Ang (real name is Ang Tzu Thian).

It was the best year because of he has:
1) made the biggest decision in my life; left the best ever cooperate companies (Agilent & Keysight), to stay out comfort zone and explore the other side of the world that he believe the challenges will grow him up to be a better man

2) first time ever become MC and lead the Engineering Forum for Keysight in 2015 that have more than 150 engineers!

3) build a life where travel with friends and alone to see the world

4) built up strong abs and biceps; after worked so hard in GYM

5) learned butterfly swimming style; now he can forever show off

6) ran full marathon 42km and got himself whole body ache for the next 1 week!

7) Learn and build a lot of great friendships around him!

8) became handsome and mature compared to the previous version of himself 🙂


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COOL People Love to Share:

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