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There are so many insurance providers, all of which offer something slightly different and each has their own rules and regulation in the small print which can leave you slightly confused and can make the whole scenario of insuring your pick up truck a bit daunting. Let us explain the parts you need to know.

If you are looking to take out truck insurance for a pick up, recovery truck or other commercial vehicle but have some questions that need answering first; speak to a specialist van insurance broker on 0800 58 11 03 today.

Do I need fully comprehensive insurance?

If you want the fullest protection for yourself and your lorry then the answer is yes, unfortunately along with choosing the safest insurance policy you must also pay the most expensive price. Let us explain your other options which can be cheaper:

Third-party only

This is the most basic cover out there and therefore is required by law to have, alongside this, it is the cheapest option out there when you are looking to insure your truck.

Definition: If you cause a road accident and injure somebody else or damage their vehicle, your insurance will cover their damage. It does not cover any damage done to your vehicle or cover you for any injuries that you have sustained.

Third-party, fire and theft

If any damage is caused to your vehicle due to a theft or if it catches fire, this policy will provide cover for these instances as well as what is covered in third-party insurance.

Definition: All of the benefits of third-party cover with the added cover of damage caused to the vehicle due to a fire or theft.

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What is goods in transit insurance?

For many commercial van drivers it is not only important to protect themselves and their vehicle, but also the goods that they are transporting whether that be tools, deliveries or anything else involved with their occupation. Goods in transit insurance can protect the goods that you are transporting.

Van breakdown cover

Each breakdown policy will have its own clauses and cover you for specific situations; e.g. roadside cover, 24 hours rescue control, like for like vehicle replacement and more. We cannot stress enough to how important it is to read to small print of your breakdown cover as each policy can differ.

Excess reimbursement insurance

For some truck drivers, especially young drivers; you can have a high excess clause as party of your insurance policy. If this is a cost that you need covered then you need excess reimbursement insurance. If you are to claim on your insurance, you will need to pay the excess yourself, but if you are covered with this van insurance add-on, you can claim it back.

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