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Take a look at the four Mustang mods that many sports car geeks will look for in a classic model. Through the decades, various Ford Mustang models have captured the hearts of motorists. These motorists value not only sleek styles but best performance.

Cold Air Intake

Cold Air Intake, or CAI, refers to the aftermarket parts assemble that conveys moderately cold air into the internal combustion engine. Until the 1990s, the majority of motor vehicle manufacturers installed thermostatic air intake mechanisms that control air temperature going into the intake manifold. The tract provides warm air for cold engines and vice versa.

The purpose of this system is to enhance performance, fuel economy, and efficiency. The emergence of sophisticated emission controls and fuel injection eliminated the need for the previous air intake method. CAI boosts the operations of car engines with more cooling air. This produces more oxygen for every volume unit compared to warm air.

You can now change the stock air box mod with the Cold Air Intake. The CAI performs an adequate function of transferring air. Performance-conscious owners of Mustang models know easy and cheap replacement of the part generates more power. The task calls for an ordinary screwdriver, socket, and one hour of mechanical work.

Cold air fetches approximately 15 HP as well as up to 2 MPG depending on the style of driving. With the Cold Air Intake, you no longer need to replace the air filter except for occasional cleaning.

Aluminum Drive Shaft

The car’s driveshaft hooks up the backside of the transmission or output shaft. The other side connects to the pinion flange located at the vehicle’s rear axle. The drive shaft conveys power to the back wheels. The car cannot move without any driveshaft.

Car owners also consider the aluminum driveshaft as one of the Mustang mods that need their attention. Replacing the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s steel drive shaft with aluminum produces several benefits. You can reduce the loss of power all over the drive train by two up to four percent as well as weight by around 20 pounds.

Less weight means the engine runs faster. An aluminum driveshaft ensures faster acceleration and vehicle responsiveness or throttle response. The sensitivity determines how fast the internal combustion engine can increase power output if the driver wants to speed up.

Aluminum driveshafts also cut noise and vibration in the car’s cabin filter found on modern car models. The device cleans air flowing into the interiors through the HVAC system. The mod does not auto increase horsepower but restores power lost due to uneconomical drivetrain parts. Installation calls usually for two hours.

Cat-Back Exhaust

The cat-back serves as a replacement for the stock exhaust muffler from the rear of catalytic converters leading to the exhaust tips. The converter or exhaust emission control mechanism transforms toxic gasses and contaminants from the ICE to less deadly pollutants through a chemical reaction. The aftermarket cat-back reduces the stock exhaust’s weight.

This action facilitates air flow and gets rid of the unpleasant noise. The cat-back with various mufflers produces a refined exhaust sound. The amount of horsepower varies depending on the models and years. Older Mustangs gain more compared to the fifth-generation S197 Shelby GT.

Nonetheless, the replacement cat-back enables related mods to achieve peak performance. The new 5.0 L Coyote can reach more than 50+RWHP with headers and high-flow catalytic converters.

Wheels and Tires

Many car owners wonder how the wheel and tire system can enhance performance on the road. Mustang drivers know the importance of the setup in improving performance capacity after repeated driving over road courses and tracks. Car tires remain the primary factor to achieve power while driving.

Choice of the wrong tires can lead to no grip as well as slipping problems and poor performance. Choose the tires and wheels for your style of driving. Try to increase the thickness of your rims to accommodate a larger tire size. Using this kind of tire rim adds to footing and reduces the time wasted in spinning tires.

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If you race, look for a set of slick tires that last longer and allow you to drive consistently. Drag weld wheels can free up more weight that translates to several tenths of one second off the ¼ mile driving time. Wider rims match larger tires with more surface area touching road pavements.

Take Care of your Car

Now that you have discovered the value brought by these four Mustang mods, it is time to reap the benefits of performance and driving efficacy. Do not overlook the necessary tune-ups with Ford Mustang computer and make sure to replace worn-out components. Otherwise, you may not be able to maximize the operation that you desire.

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