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Top 5 Tips to Best Maintain a Car

Maintaining a car can mean a difference between an ugly and a good looking car. Here are some tips that can come in handy while looking after a car; if these are not followed then the car may look older than the year written on the dvla number plate that it carries.

Top 5 Tips to Best Maintain a Car

Top 5 Tips to Best Maintain a Car

Save on Fuel, Spend on Rinsing:
Most people do not know about the fact that the premium and powerful fuel has the least of impact on the speed and performance of a car. Putting high octane fuel in a family straight car does not make it a Ferrari. Not in speed, nor in performance. Although it has no special impact on the engine but a lot of money is gone to waste out of purpose. One can always act wisely and save this cash to be spent on washing, polishing and rinsing of the car. Using regular fuel instead of high octane saves $6 to $10 per one filling. This money can be used to change car mats and seat covers every three four months later.

Seasonal Preparations:
Good drivers always keep a watchful eye on the weather since they know that it decides for the life of their car. When rainy or extremely sunny seasons are approaching it is important to arrange a shelter for one’s car because rain water and direct sun exposure eats the car’s body away gradually. Similarly, in snowy season, drivers must always arrange snow effective tires in order to avoid slipping or losing traction on the road. In hot season, engine coolant needs to be checked regularly.

Check Engine in Routine and Be Nice with it:
It is very important for all drivers to check engine regularly. When the small “Engine check” light is lit, it means that there is something wrong with the engine. It can be as minor a problem as a lose gas cap or a big problem as a leaked gasket. Engines should never be pushed to the limits, and the revs need to be kept low. Always stay in a power gear in order to put lesser pressure on the engine. Having done this, it is greatly possible that the light would never light up.

Learn a Few Basics:
One cannot go to a mechanic each day in order to have minor things fixed. Sometimes the problem for which one rolls his car to a mechanic, appears to be a lose cap or an unplugged wire. Knowing the very basics save the cash and time that is otherwise wasted. One should also be the doctor of one’s car. No mechanic should have to tell the driver which oil to put in the engine. Seeing one’s own driving experience is always preferable.

Do Not Take Risks With Long Drives:
If the car shows even a little bit of an odd behavior, then it is recommended not to take it on a long drive since a risk of getting stranded is involved. Car should be taken to the regular mechanic once it shows even the slightest of misbehavior.

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