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Classic cars look stunning, so it is natural to want to keep them uncovered.  Even when you store them indoors, though, using a car cover is best. Car covers protect the car’s exterior from wear and tear.  Whether you use premium car covers or just basic ones, you should keep your classic car covered except when you are driving it or displaying it.  Even if you don’t keep it covered all the time, covering your car when it rains is essential.  Here are five reasons why you should cover your car during rainfall:

1 Protect the Car’s Wax

You put so much time into washing and waxing your classic car.  It would be a waste of your effort for a rainstorm to wash off all the wax.

2 Falling Rain Means Falling Pollen

Pollen is ubiquitous in the spring in many parts of the United States.  The times when the most pollen builds up on your car tends to be after a heavy spring rain.  If you use a car cover, you will not have to spend so much time removing the pollen from your car.

3 Protect Against Hailstorms

Rain, being just water, is relatively harmless.  Hail, on the other hand, can do some damage.  Using a car cover can prevent small hailstones from denting your car or damaging your windshield.

4 Conserve Wiper Fluid

If your windshield is covered with debris after a rainstorm, you will have to use wiper fluid to get it clean.  You can prevent the mess in the first place with a car cover.

5 Protect Against Mud

If your car is parked on the curb, passing cars can splatter it with mud during a rainstorm.

You should always keep a classic car covered, especially during rainstorms.

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