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Top 5 Most Expensive Repair Bills

Warrantywise are an extended warranty provider that cover all makes and models of car and strive to deliver transparency and honesty to all of their customers.

You and I both know that car repairs can be expensive right? Exhaust systems, gearboxes, clutch issues, head gasket problems… and these are just the some of the mechanics. The list is endless. This is why Warrantywise publish their top 5 most expensive repairs every month so you can really get an idea of how much money they are saving for their customers.

Detached Toyota Vios Front Bumper

Expensive car repair

How can you be sure they are honest?

Well with warranty companies its always a challenge to tell if they are the real deal or just trying to con you but warrantywise are certainly the real deal. They have a consumer champion in motoring working with them called Quentin Willson who has gone over their terms and conditions to make sure people like you and I are given all the facts and figures with no hidden costs and “weasel words”.

Are they expensive?

As stated on their website, they are the best Warranty plan provider in the United Kingdom and cover more parts than any other company so they are not exactly dirt cheap. Personally I would happily pay Warrantywise a little more to have that peace of mind. I really wouldn’t want to pay for a cheap warranty that wont cover me for anything, what’s the point?

Do they have any restrictions or conditions?

Just like every other extended car warranty, you need to keep your car serviced in order to keep the warranty valid. Other than that, you can take your car to any VAT registered garage, you can use third party parts, there are no mileage restrictions, they will pay 100% of any valid claim, they don’t force you to pay any excess and they cover you for out of pocket expenses. Excellent!

All in all, if you’re looking for a warranty then Warrantywise are the obvious choice. Take a look at their website and their top 5 repairs for October. You can get a quote anywhere on their site.

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