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A few decades ago, people only carried their mobile phones inside their pockets. Now, these new breed of cellular phones that are more commonly known today as smartgadgets are also being used inside cars and for good reason.

Smartphone in car

Smartphone in car

Technology has evolved in such a way that imagination is the only thing that separates reality from fiction. Apps are now capable of doing almost anything including bending surroundings in the form of Augmented Reality programs. Alchemy Bet, the company behind the entertainment outfit Pocket Fruity, asserts that people from all walks of life are now using their smartphones more often than the time when cellular phones were just optional accessories. Because of this, it’s only expected for developers to create apps that are useful not only for entertainment purposes but for practical uses as well.

If you’re a car owner and would want to maximize your smartphone’s use on the road, consider downloading these three apps.


Carticipate is an app for people who want to carpool. It is the perfect app for individuals who are not only looking for ways to save travelling costs but also save the environment from harmful gas emissions. The app can make a quick search for pickup locations in and out of the U.S. The app supports several languages including English, German, French, and Spanish.

Gas Buddy

Traveling long distances can be problematic especially if you forgot to stock up on gas. If you’re almost out and have no idea where the nearest gas station is, you’d be thankful for downloading Gas Buddy. This app shows users the closest gas stations near their location. It also provides information on the current gas prices based on the data provided by the Oil Price Information Service.


This is one of the most amazing apps for cars. Parker gives users a bird’s eye view of parking spaces that are near them. The app was made possible thanks to the assistance of several transportation departments in major U.S. city states including California and New York. By installing several computer sensors in neighborhoods across some city states, Parker can detect whether parking spots near a user’s area still have available slots or not.

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