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There are some things in life that should be left to the professionals. Auto-mechanics upgrading and engine by adding a turbo, and NASCAR drivers racing about the track with a few dozen other cars are examples of people that have worked to harness their craft. They didn’t learn their skills in just a day. They have spent years and decades working hard. If these people mess up, then they could endanger the vehicle and even risk their own lives. These are not things that just anyone could do, but when you look at jumper cables, you might feel like you can be the same kind of pro, without the help of professionals. You might ask, “Really, how hard could that be?” Not at all! All you just need are some great quality cables and then let’s get started on the journey of jumpstarting your vehicle.

If you find you have left the lights on your vehicle or you have tried to start the car, but the battery is dead, more often than not, you have a dead battery in your hands. Jumpstarting your car might be all you need to do to get your vehicle up and running back on the highway, which is a great relief. However, you cannot do some magic without jumper cables and you will need to have a really good one. When you find yourself in need of jumper cables, remember a few important things.

Do Check Jumper Cable Conditions

Make sure your jumper cables are in good quality and condition. There should not be any tears, frays, or anything that looks like your jumper cables might malfunction on you. This could lead to you being electrocuted or something worse. Even if you have any concern at all, go out and purchase another set of jumper cables. It is better to be safe than sorry when working with things like electricity and hydrogen gas.

Don’t Dangle

As you are jumping your car, make sure that the cables you own do not dangle from the car. Make sure that they are connected and charging. If a cable is dangling and there is a puddle, you and whoever is with you could be electrocuted and may die. Even if your cable hits the fender of the car, it could create a spark and cause a fire around your vehicle. This could lead to major damage, and even an exposition of the vehicle. If a cable is dangling within the vehicle, and the car engine turns back on, it could catch a moving belt and cause the cables to go flying, injuring the engine or you in the process. Remember: safety is the number one concern when using jumper cables.

Do Attach Cables Properly

You might think this is common sense, but some people just do not know how to handle jumper cables appropriately. And then, their battery suffers and so does their car. The red (positive) clamp and the red (positive) post of the donor car and the dead battery must be connected effectively. Next, the black (negative) battery from the donor car must be connected to the black (negative) clamp for the battery, while the other black cable will need to be connected to a metallic part of the engine block on the dead car. If you attach the second clamp to the negative post of the battery, there will be a spark, and this could cause hydrogen gas to leak out and ignite the battery on fire. Ultimately, this could lead to an explosion and the end of your vehicles’ life or worse, your own life. If you have seen the Hindenburg crash from times gone by, your vehicle will follow suit in the same way – a lot of fire and a lot of death! It is kind of scary how devastating a dead car battery could be.

Don’t Continually Jump Your Car

You should not continue to jumpstart your car, if the battery continues to die. There might actually be a more prevalent issue and a car professional will need to look under the hood of your vehicle to see what is wrong. Constantly jumpstarting a battery will make the battery last shorter and shorter after every use. Save time and money, and go get your car checked out.

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