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There is no other better way to keep your family safe while driving than equipping your vehicle with a rear camera mirror. This device allows you to have a clear view of the cars behind you. Also, the mirror enables you to have a clear look even when reversing your vehicle to avoid bumping into damaging objects. For a beginner, buying such a device is quite hectic as there are varieties of options and decisions to make as well. The first thing to concentrate on is the quality of the camera mirror; you would want a camera mirror that is durable and would serve you for a long time, therefore, make sure to choose a mirror that has high quality and durable as well. Below are some of the best quality rear view camera mirrors.

1. Auto-VOX M3 Dual Lens Dash Camera Mirror

Auto-vox camera mirror is essential for us both during the day and night since it has an m3 dual-lense dash camera that provides clear picture viewing at night and during the day. The display screen measure about 5 inches in length which is essential for giving ample view while still driving. The camera allows you to park in different positions and angle since it is designed with auto-display parking image to provide excellent viewing of different directions. It is crafted in a waterproof design which enables you to drive even during the rainy seasons. Installation of the camera mirror is quite easy.

2. TEQstone Rear View Mirror Camera

Aside from providing excellent viewing for the driver, the rear mirror also provides excellent GPS navigation for the driver to ensure that he or she gets to know where and how to park the car. It has a double recording on both front and the backside to ensure that one can get an excellent view of the back side. It is compatible with an android phone which allows you to Google for directions in case you are in the unknown area. Other features on this camera mirror include the compatibility it has with FM radio hence enabling you to listen to your favorite channels. Visit to see other smart car camera mirrors that offer more than clear visibility.

3. Master tailgaters OEM Mirror Camera

The camera mirror is equipped with 4.3 inches LED display to provide clear and extensive viewing of the cars behind you. This also allows you to see the areas that you are reversing the car for safety purposes. It is suitable for use even during the night since the equipped LCD sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the gadget to provide ample viewing even during the night. The camera is also equipped with two video inputs which can be programmed to give two different views. Installation of the camera mirror takes less than 30 minutes.

4. Falcon Zero F360 Reverse Camera Mirror

This is one of the best reversing cameras equipped with a 360-degree view. It has an inbuilt microphone and speaker function that allows you to connect to your FM radio. It has a dual display of both the front and the back pictures for efficient viewing. The camera is compatible with the majority of vehicles including trucks hence making it the best camera rear mirror to buy.

If you want a camera rear mirror for efficient driving and safety of your family especially when reversing, buy one of the above mirrors. They are easy to install and are reliable regarding viewing and control as well.

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