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The 5 Most Useful Tips To Get Cash For Your Junk Car

Are you seriously considering selling your junk car to free up some valuable space in your garage and make money at the same time? In this article, we put together the most useful tips to help you not only find the best option based on your preference but also to maximize your payout.

Know and weigh your options

You have a couple of options when converting your junk car into cash and these include scrapping it on your own and selling it to scrappers. Both options have pros and cons and can work to your advantage depending on your preferences. Scrapping your car on your own is the more profitable option but is time-consuming and labor intensive. It involves draining all the fluid and removing everything from the seats to the engine and transmission and selling them. Meanwhile, selling your junk car to scrappers allow you to take advantage of a hassle-free and easy process. In many cases, all you have to do is to call to get an instant offer. Should you accept, your junk car will be removed for free and you’ll be paid on the spot.

Know your car’s value

Having a good idea of how much your junk car is worth will give you a clear expectation as to whether or not you are getting a fair offer from buyers. There are various factors that can increase or decrease your car’s worth including but not limited to its condition, age, and model and whether it is working or not, require extensive repair or unroadworthy. Drivable cars are worth more whereas rusted cars are basically valued based on the metal they are made from.

Shop and compare

There are many vehicle dismantlers that are ready to buy your junk car in a heartbeat. To ensure that you’re getting the maximum amount, take the time to shop and compare. Get obligation-free quotes from as many reputable junkyards as possible. Aside from the amount of money they offer, compare their services as well. Are they offering free car removal and other complimentary services such as free processing of ownership transfer?

Get to know everything about your junk car

When getting a quote via phone, car appraisers would ask for pertinent information about your car, such as model, condition, age, and mileage, among others. They will also want to know if your car requires repair, has been involved in an accident, or flooded. By providing accurate information, you’ll be able to obtain accurate quotes that are at least close to your car’s exact value.

Be aware of the Bait and Switch technique

When getting quotes over the phone, never accept a price with a condition as this can be taken advantage of by unscrupulous junkyards wherein they give you a conditional price based on the details you provide. Once your car is in their truck, they will offer you a much lower price.

On the whole, it depends on your preference on how you’ll make money from your junk car. If you’re looking for a hassle-free process, your best option is contacting cash for cars companies, such as Vic Recyclers
. All you have to do is to make a phone call and we’ll take care of the rest.

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