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Suspension Lift Kits – Working Mechanism

It is not unusual to see a car that appears to be hanging above the normal height of an ideal car. In fact, there have been many debates as to whether suspended cars look cooler than a car standing at an ordinary height. The underlying reasons for lifting a car and the implications of the resultant mechanism usually help define the exact reasons as to why one would like to have their car fitted with suspension lift kits.

Modulo Honda CR-V Tyre

Modulo Honda CR-V Tyre

The aesthetic value of the suspended car might be a point of consideration to some car owners but to others it’s all about increasing the mechanical efficiency of the vehicle. Let’s start by putting the whole idea in context; a definition will be important in kick starting this. So what is a suspension lift kit? The very basic definition of a suspension lift kit is that it is a system of springs that work together to elevate your car above its original height. The frame, engine, body and the power train of the vehicle are ultimately suspended above the wheels.

On the other hand, body lift kits, just as the name suggests are used to suspend the entire body of the car above the frame. It is a system of blocks that push the car above its normal height.

These two accessories are commonly installed on cars that are driven off-road and/or rough terrains. The kits are able to significantly reduce the impact of the rough terrain on the car. It is also worth noting that cars fitted with suspension lift kits usually spot a better look compared to those standing at a normal height. Ordinary springs are not able to achieve this effect and therefore springs comprising of coil springs, leaf springs, torsion bars and air springs are commonly used.

There are two common ways of suspending the car. Majority of car owners prefer to have the front wheels suspended separately but others go for the rear wheels. If a car meets any of these conditions then it is safe to conclude that either the rear or front axle has been done away with.

Other equally important features of a suspension lift kit system are the hydraulic shock absorbers. These are especially important in the event of a collision. By conveniently holding down the springs, they prevent excessive shaking of the vehicle thereby minimizing the impact of the collision or crash. Suspension and body lift kits come with installation manuals containing some other mechanical and system data. The data provides vital information on how to correctly position the car for optimal steering, braking and acceleration.

In a nutshell, suspension lift kits are necessary in enhancing the appearance of the car, improving its ability to tow heavy loads, improving the appearance and the general performance of the vehicle. It is important to be equipped with the right kind of information before making the purchase.

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