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Story of Drunk Driving – I Killed a Man

Lately I came a across an heart touching article where a guy called Alex Sheen who then stood outside bar holding it up offering free rides to people who are going to driving home. His action was inspired by a man name Matthew Cordle.

In September 2013, Matthew Cordle caused an accident while drink driving and killed a man, Vincent Canzani. Instead of running away, Matthew Cordle is taking full responsibility for what he have done.

Checkout the video created by Alex Sheen, who offering the lifts at the outside bar.

Guys, if you are drinking tonight or having party then make sure you getting someone to pick you up.

Never ever think this is not going to happen to us, we don’t know what is going to happen ahead.

Be responsible and act like an adult.

*Your careless action and judgement might cause someone lost his/her life*

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