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Yesterday night I was driving back from Cameron Highland to Penang, that covering driving distance about 200km. Somehow, the luck is on my side. The car alternator only started to fail when I reaching Penang island.

Then, I left the car somewhere around the workshop called AV Advance Tyre & Car Care Sdn. Bhd. at the Sungai Dua, Bayan Lepas that night as the shop is near my staying place since the car no longer able to move once the engine is shut down.

AV Advance Tyre & Car Care Sdn.

AV Advance Tyre & Car Care Sdn.

Replacing the Car Alternator in AV Advance Tyre & Car Care Sdn.

Replacing the Car Alternator in AV Advance Tyre & Car Care Sdn.

The next morning, I went to the workshop and get the recon alternator motor that cost me RM580. It is expensive, but cheaper if compared to the original OEM alternator that cost up to RM1800+ from Toyota Service Center.

Toyota 27060-0M040 Alternator

Toyota Vios Alternator model 27060-0M040

Let’s see what are the signs I encountered when the car alternator started to failing…

Signs of Failing Car Alternator

  1. Rough noise from the engine, especially when the car is accelerating because the failing car alternator failed to produce sufficient electricity to the spark plugs in the engine. This caused the unstable firing from the spark plugs in the car engine thus produces some weird and rough noise from the engine.

    Toyota Vios Engine Detailed with ArmorAll Tyre Foam

    Rough noise and heavy vibration from engine

  2. Steering wheel become heavier due to the broken alternator failed to supply electricity to the Electric Power Steering (EPS).
  3. Headlamp and reading lamp become dimmer due to broken alternator failed to produce sufficient electricity to the electrical parts.

    Toyota Vios Front View and Headlamp and Fog Lamp turned ON

    Toyota Vios Headlamp become dimmer

  4. Battery warning light flashing on dashboard intermittently.
  5. In Car Entertainment (ICE) not working properly.

    Carbon Fiber Vinyl on Toyata Vios Interior Trim Dashboard

    In Car Entertainment (ICE) not working properly

  6. Car failed to start once the engine is shut down due to the car’s battery is totally drained off since the car alternator doesn’t charge up the battery.
Reconditioned Alternator Motor

Reconditioned Alternator Motor

Car alternator is a wear and tear part. Sooner of later, the alternator has to be replaced. Proper care to the alternator will extend the alternator life. My Toyota Vios clocked around 82,000km (5 years) when the car alternator broken down.

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2 thoughts on “Signs of Failing Car Alternator”

  1. Ahmad Shah says:

    Hello there..
    Me too also a vios 2nd gen owner, my alternator also kong before. and went for recond alternator, end up fixing it again due to recond alternator not last long, its better with repairing your old original alternator rather then buying recond.. mine last for 1 year where its warranty only for 6 months.. original toyota SC i ask is rm2998, ori at spare part shop price is rm1200, n recond is rm200+..

    i repair here for rm200+ because of it already been repair before, if never been repair should be cheaper like rm100+

    if u still keep your original alternator, u can repair it at KL.. locate on Kem Batu Kentomen, refer below link

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hey Ahmad,
      Thanks for the drop by and I definitely love your sharing about your failing alternator.
      I wish there is such shop in Penang! Hope the recon alternator in my car would last for some time for me…
      Nah, the shop owner has taken my original alternator as trade in 🙁

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