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Glimpse of eye, and I am already hit 30 years old, which mark end of my youth life. I’ve done a lot, yet I feel I am far away from what I wanted to be yet.

I’ve worked in the different companies since age of late 21 years old, from huge MNC (Agilent Technology Inc. then the company gradually split into 2 companies, and the 2nd company called known as Keysight Technologies Inc.), then moved to 3M in Malaysia as Account Manager before joining smaller scale, Startup company (Razer Pte Ltd) in Singapore, and has being working for people for the last 8 years!!! And I yet to set up my very own company for myself.

Enough is enough. I’ve determined to step out of my fuking comfort zone, do what I hate and stay consistent with it. I know I need a lot motivation to keep these up, and I won’t give up.
I used to be kind of nerd, the one who play computer games during free time, do some solo sport like running so that I no need to interact with anybody, and shy when talking to girls during younger days.

Deep down inside of myself, this is who am I, and this is what I am comfortable throughout my life. But I realised I missed a lot of fun and opportunity when I behaving that way.

Soon, I trying to change myself to be someone that I really want to be. It is never easy when an introvert trying to be extrovert. It take times and a lot of effort to changes, especially when I am trying to change at twenties.

I have switched my Manufacturing Engineer job in 2010 to Materials/Commodities Engineer job with intention sharpen my communication skills, where the latter job required a lot communication with external parties that I can interact with more people, rather than just conventional operation manufacturing job in the factory.

Fast forward I’ve works for 8 years, and met so many people in during my day to day job. I thought I was well rounded with different type of people, and should have sufficient exposure. But it wasn’t actually…

In the mid of 2013, one of the most downturn year in my life, is where I broke up with my ex-girlfriend. It was the hardest year for me to pass through where I constantly battling with my emotion to stay POSITIVE.

I remember I have hard time to sleep every night for the whole year and worry of staying alone especially during the weekend. For the very first time, I am SCARED to be alone. Thus I have to constantly looking for activities and friends to hang out with throughout the period of time. It was the GREATEST lesson in my life.

Year of 2013 is also the year where I started my website ( and started to harness different experience to my entrepreneurship exposure. I started to venture to different field of the life, where I set many goals to be accomplish in my life.

Throughout the journey, I met so many different people that not from my workforce. I realised the workforce people are always fall into the employment category.
Meanwhile, the experience that I learned when I mix with entrepreneurs is very different.

I realised the different between these 2 types of people are the attitude and habits. The self-employed people are way more aggressive and risk taker, and the advise and the conversation are way different as well.

I gained few real friends, learned new skills and lead life with different perspective.

Below is the summary of accomplishment that I did throughout the years:

1) Set up and running profitable website (; and learned so much about entrepreneurship throughout the journey

2) First time appeared in magazine on 2015 (Cloud Hax magazine)

3) Learned self defence skill (Muay Thai)

4) Got myself 6 packs! (the lining not so visible, but OK la..)

Got some biceps too

5) Learned Butterfly swimming style (I can show off anytime in the swimming pool, woohoo!)
6) Did a lot of road trips with friends with my Toyota Vios, I am really appreciate that I got to know them since 2013.

7) Left my engineering job, and go for sales job in 2015. It was not easy decision when I trying to change field from technical job to soft skill job especially when my engineering boss love me so much during those younger days 😡

8) Completed full marathon 42.195KM that required continuous running over period of 6 hours.

9) Manage tenants in the rental house, and tenant that living in my house and did all the small repair by myself.
10) Left my comfort zone place in Penang to Singapore to pursuit international exposure. Literary, I just want to let myself continue to something different while I still can.

11) Got my Advanced Diving License in 2017. It wasn’t easy; I am scare of drowning especially when I am the depth water level below 30M! This is one of the PROUDEST achievement.

12) Set up Meetup Group ( in Singapore and actively running various activities to learn more skills and connect more new friends.

13) Stayed in custody for a night (a lot people tend to think it is very bad or negative exposure, but for me, it is something awesome to experience it. This is something that not everyone can have the chance to experience it, I called this achievement)

14) Self learned Digital Currency Investment on 2017, and managed to get some ride on it. Video link: 

Tutorial About How to Buy Bitcoin with Coinbase

Tutorial About How to Buy Bitcoin with Coinbase

15) Launched 2 Udemy courses:
Course link:…

It wasn’t really a lot of accomplishments if compared to the certain awesome people, but definitely is something that I am really PROUD of it.
These are the first 30 years of my life that I’ve went through, and these experiences are so valuable for my next chapter of my life. The key take away that I learned throughout the experience is,

LIVE your life to the fullest every moment and then, because we can’t reverse the time back.
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