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Proton Preve Premium 1.6 Test Drive Review

While everyone was still busying working in the weekday, I get the chance to sneak out from my busy working schedule after I done my company fund raising event at New World Park, Penang.

I went to the Proton Showroom, at Kelawai Road, Penang to test  drive our beloved Proton Preve Premium 1.6 version which I’ve being waited for some time ago.

In the showroom, the salesman great me politely and attends my test drive request.

Proton Preve Front View

Proton Preve Front View

Then we proceed to get into the new Proton Preve Premium which parked at the outside of the showroom.

The sound proof inside the car is meet my expectation and I barely hear noise from the external, and the door have the “solid” feeling when I closing the driver’s door after I’ve entered into the car.

There are dual tones colours on the car’s dashboard which makes the car appears more executive than conventional Proton’s cars. It was a great improvement by Proton compared to other Proton previous model such as Waja, Persona, and Saga.

Proton Preve's Interior

Proton Preve’s Interior

This Proton Preve Premium 1.6 also come with keyless entry where we do not required key to unlock the car and to start the car.

Unlike certain car model like Suzuki Swift, Preve’s remote required to be seated in the slot at beside the push start button  before we can get the car started where else Suzuki Swift can be start up as long as the remote control is within inside the cabin car.

As soon as I press the start button, the engine start up smoothly and the car’s side mirrors auto flip open. That featured impressed me, and I like this auto function so much as it was convenient for someone like me who always fold the side mirrors when the car is parked.

Proton Preve front view with body kit

Proton Preve front view with body kit

The headlamps come with projector and DLR which make the car look sporty,stylish and brighter during the night.

The air-con is dual side air-con with automatic function. Proton Preve also come with auto light sensor which turn on the headlamps when the sensor sense outside lighter is getting dimmer and the car also equipped with rain sensor where the wiper feature will auto turn on when rain hit on the windscreen.

The dashboard equipped with double-DIN display and come with GPS as well. Proton even include YES 4G hub to customer who purchase the Proton Preve with 1 year free subscription. The hub can be connected to USB plug in the Proton Preve. User able  to online in Proton Preve.

The seats are fabric with water repellent feature. After the salesman explained everything to me, we proceed to drive the car to the road.

Gear shifting from ‘P’ to ‘D’ mode, car moving slowly. In fact, it seem under power for me as the car move really slow when I did not step on the gas pedal.

As soon I on the road, slowly I put my foot on the pedal for higher engine rev. Tremendous acceleration can be felt after the RPM hit 2K above. That is where the turbo charge start to kick in to the CFE 1.6 engine 138hp with 205Nm. The car is more powerful compared to its closest rivals, Toyota  Vios 1.5 and Honda City 1.5.

No doubt, the turbo do contribute a lot in the performance. Gear shifting was smooth as well, as Proton Preve is using Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) transmission. 

Proton Preve Rear View

Proton Preve Rear View

I get to drive the Proton Preve until at the Jelutong Express Highway from Kelawai Road to really push the car to its limit. The car handling is very good as well, the gripping was fantastic and I am still driving confidently after reach 100km/h+.

Suspensions were harder compared to Toyota Vios but it is still within the comfort ride.  Thanks to the Proton Ride & Handling feature.

During cruising on the highway, I get the opportunity to try out the 7-speed ProTronic transmission paddle shifts. The paddle shift give me the plastic feeling as the “click” sound during shifting is not solid.

The shifting responsiveness is great but Proton Preve does not allow driver to over-rev the car, the transmission will automatic switch to higher gear when required and vise-versa. This override the driver’s control even though in ‘S’ mode. This is the preventive safety measure by the transmission to prevent the driver from abuse it.

Proton Preve, the C-segment car has big space for rear passengers as well it’s bonnet with 508 litter for storage. Two 12V sockets available for front passengers and rear passengers which are very convenient for everyone inside car who are gadget’s freak.

After we had a spin on the highway, then we went back to the showroom to park back the car. Reverse mode was shifted to slot in the car in the parking slot, and the car feel heavy as I need to put my foot on the pedal to keep the car moving.

Proton Preve rear view with body kit

Proton Preve rear view with body kit

Well, anything below 2K RPM make make the car less power.

Then, I press the Push Start Button to turn off the engine and system. Side mirrors were auto fold back after we left the car, which I like this feature so much.

The headlamps with the DLR still in ON mode for about 10~15sec with “Follow Me Home” feature after the engine is turned off.

Overall, Proton Preve is value for money. Proton Preve  packed with sporty beautiful exterior looks, loaded with many high technologies features, great handling and safety features for RM72,990.

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9 thoughts on “Proton Preve Premium 1.6 Test Drive Review”

  1. Zafry says:

    Tested some cars last two months, both local and import, some showrooms and some friends. With my budget of 120k and considering all practical aspect I sign for preve, thanks lee for a week of your city and Alia for your vios, I choosed preve as it’s can be sentimental yet suit my tempremental. Yee ha I’ll drive it home tomorrow

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      This is great,
      tell us more about your Preeve story soon ya 🙂

  2. Edward Lall says:

    I don't know who wrote the review for this car, but it would be advisable for that person to improve his/her command of the English language. If not write at all get someone competent to do it.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Edward,
      thanks for the comment. Yea, we are improving our english proficiency…
      We are getting better, hope to see you again 🙂

  3. Ahmad says:

    Thanks Kelvin, i think i got answer. Cheers

  4. Ahmad says:

    I plan to change out my current old car 1992 model Honda Civic ferio. Is Proton Preve C segment car? Which one is better, Honda Civic FD1.8 (second) or Proton Preve (1.6turbo) – in terms of reliability, comfort, handling and power/acceleration?

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Yea, Proton Preve is C-segment car even though it looks smaller compared to its rivals (Honda Civic, Toyota Altis, Kia Cerato).

      We all know Japanese car have the best reliability compared to other countries, so there is no doubt the Honda Civic has better reliability.

      Proton Preve is more powerful compared to Honda Civic 1.8 due to its turbo boost.

      But handling and comfort still go back to Honda Civic.

      I would suggest you go to test drive the Proton Preve and Honda Civic 1.8 by yourself…
      Feel it and choose the car according to your desire 🙂

      Good luck, Ahmad. Hope to see you around again.

  5. my blog says:

    Great website. A lot of useful info here. I’m sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks for your effort!

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