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Projector Headlights’ Fact

Modern luxury vehicles nowadays come with variety of great features. Projector headlights is one of the great feature. So, what so great about this feature? Let’s see:

  1. Projector headlights produced more FOCUS beam of light compared to conventional euro headlights. This provide the driver better visibility during night drive and inclement weather safer.
  2. Since the light beam are focused, less scatter loss. This prevent your ride blind the opposite lane’s drivers.
  3. Projector headlights often come together with High Intensity Display (HID) feature. HID light is much brighter and stronger compared to conventional halogen bulb. This doubled the effectiveness of the projector headlights which helps driver to enhance the visibility during night drive. Conventional euro headlights doesn’t suit for HID feature due to the light scatter around which blind the opposite lane’s drivers and doesn’t effective too since the beam is not focused.
  4.  Projector headlights are beautiful, stylish and creating ‘angel eyes’ look. 
  5. Projector headlights enhance your ride’s outlook to next level.
halo projector headlights

halo projector headlights

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2 thoughts on “Projector Headlights’ Facts that you Never Know!”

  1. amad says:

    hermm.. while most of ur points are true, but there still downside for its..
    1. there are limit lifespan for its ballast for HID (that’s why now they introduce LED with projector eg in toyota prius luxury model)
    2. for aftermarket model, there’s still an issue with JPJ for HID in normal headlamp and HID projector retrofit

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Amad,
      thanks for drop by.
      Yea,HID kits definitely have its bad sides and those car come without HID kits is illegal to install the HID kits on it due to safety reason.

      Hope to see again Amad 🙂

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