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Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5 and Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE

Both Perodua Myvi and Proton Saga cars are not strange cars for people who are living in Malaysia. In fact, when we are travelling on the Malaysia roads, these 2 vehicles are the highest occupancy rate on the roads.

 Thus, I’ve decided to write about the Perodua Myvi 1.5 Extreme and Proton Saga 1.6 FLX SE in this post since I’ve tested both of the cars.

Both of these cars are sporty with their new exterior outlook! The Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5 headlamp come with projector headlamp, a feature usually only available on higher segment of cars.

Meanwhile, the Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE come with distinctive headlamp & clear rear lamp that give the sexy looks to the car but without projector headlamp.

Both of these cars equipped with side lamp indicator to enhance the visibility & safety of the car. Perodua Myvi 1.5 Extreme come with 14′ sport rims while Proton Saga FLX come with 15′ sport rims that suit up the car outlook to be more elegance.

The 2 cars come with stylish body kit, helped refines the appearance of the cars. The Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE body kit is painted in sporty grey color outshine the sport characteristic of the car.

 Interior Section

Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5

Perodua Myi Extreme 1.5 Dashboard

Perodua Myi Extreme 1.5 Dashboard

Perodua Myi Extreme 1.5 Dashboard 2

Perodua Myi Extreme 1.5 Dashboard 2

Perodua Myvi 1.3 Panel Meter

Perodua Myvi 1.3 Panel Meter

The interior of the Perodua Myvi 1.5 Extreme is definitely impressed me. The seats and steering are wrapped with leathers that give elegance touch to the passengers and the position of the gear knob on the dashboard that make the driver like driving an high end SUV car.

Not the forget this Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5 come with navigation control system which mean the driver will never get lost with the car!

Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE

Saga FLX 1.6 SE Interior Dashboard

Saga FLX 1.6 SE Interior Dashboard

Rear View of Saga FLX 1.6 SE

Rear View of Saga FLX 1.6 SE

On the other hand, Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE has larger boot space with 413L, compared to Perodua Myvi 1.5 Extreme that has only 208L of boot space.

Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE has plain/dull interior design especially on the dashboard.

Yet, Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE is not too far away from it competitor! Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE has leather seats too and also come with life time power window warranty from Proton. Thanks to previous faulty power windows cars from Proton, they have decided the rectified and eliminated the power window issue once and forever.

Now, let’s move to the performance section.


Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5

Perodua Myvi 1.5 Extreme Engine

The long-stroke aluminium cylinder head DVVT engine is the 3SZ-VE, similar to that in the Perodua Alza engine but was tuned to cater the differences to suit the lighter Perodua Myvi body.

Performance compared to the Perodua Myvi 1.3-litre engine, power output is up 13% to 103 PS at 6000rpm while there’s 16% more torque at 136 Nm. Perodua Myvi 1.5 Extreme come in 5-speeds manual transmission and 4-speeds auto transmission.

Saga FLX 1.6 SE

Saga FLX SE 1.6 Engine CamPro IAFM, 4 Cylinder DOHC 16V

Maximum power output is 108PS at 6000rpm while the maximum torque is 150Nm. The Proton Saga FLX SE 1.6 come with CVT transmission.

The fuel consumption of the Proton Saga FLX SE 1.6 in manual transmission is tested to deliver 16.67km/litre.

While the New Perodua Myvi 1.5-litre automatic is tested to deliver 15.87km/litre. This result is tested under speed 90km/h mixture of driving condition on the road.

Based on the above information, Proton Saga FLX 1.6SE performance outperformed the Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5. Moreover, the Proton Saga FLX 1.6SE fuel consumption is lower than Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5.

Proton have imply CVT transmission which is greatly helps on the reducing the fuel consumption with minimal lose power and this also reduces the jerking during gear changing; this give the driver the smooth drive experience.


Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5

The suspension settings are different for the Perodua Myvi 1.5, with additional stiffness to accommodate the increase in weight which influences weight distribution to a small extent.
Stiffness suspension will improve stability during turning at high speed & breaking.But there is an drawback from stiff suspension where you have  bumpy ride in the car.
Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5 come with electric power Steering. Electric power steering will only use resources from the alternator system when is needed. This system will help to reduce on the fuel consumption on the car and Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5 even comes with stabilizer bar (front only) that improves the car stability and cornering. Seriously, this Myvi Extreme 1.5 was build for fun drive.The car comes with ABS with EBD & BA – As usual, nowadays car come with this safety features in standard package.

Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE

Proton Ride & Handling

Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE equipped with Proton Ride & Handling that will ensure your ride comfortable yet in full control of your vehicle. Watch below video for the details.


Another drawback from Proton: All the Perodua vehicle is using electric power steering, yet Proton Saga FLX still using the convention Hydraulic Power Steering. Electric power steering feature helps to reduce fuel consumption compared to conventional hydraulic power steering.

 Maintenance Cost

A section where every car buyer shall consider before buying a new vehicle.

Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5

Maintenance Schedule West Malaysia (RM) East Malaysia (RM)
30, 50, 70, 90 ( x 1’000 km ) MT AT MT AT
Engine Oil (Semi Syn API SM 4L) 86.00 86.00 90.00 90.00
Element S/A (Oil Filter) 12.95 12.95 14.20 14.20
Spark Plug D55D (4 pcs) 52.00 52.00 57.20 57.20
Battery Water 2.70 2.70 3.10 3.10
Gasket Drain Plug 4.80 4.80 5.30 5.30
Labour Charges 42.00 42.00 42.00 42.00
Tax 6% 2.52 2.52 2.52 2.52
Total 202.97 202.97 214.32 214.32
20, 40, 60, 80, 100 ( x 1’000 km ) MT AT MT AT
Engine Oil (Semi Syn API SM 4L) 86.00 86.00 90.00 90.00
Element S/A (Oil Filter) 12.95 12.95 14.20 14.20
Air Filter 38.00 38.00 41.80 41.80
Transmission Oil GL-4 80W (2.25L) 29.87 34.62
P2-ATF D3 – SP (2.20L) 46.20 48.22
Spark Plug D55D (4 pcs) 52.00 52.00 57.20 57.20
Brake Fluid (2 bottles) 20.00 20.00 21.60 21.60
Battery Water 2.70 2.70 3.10 3.10
Gasket Drain Plug 4.80 4.80 5.30 5.30
Radiator Coolant (2 bottles) 25.00 25.00 27.80 27.80
Labour Charges 61.00 61.00 61.00 61.00
Labour for Replacing Radiator Coolant 11.00 11.00 11.00 11.00
Labour for Brake Bleeding System 28.00 28.00 28.00 28.00
Tax 6% 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00
Total 377.32 393.65 401.62 415.22

*Perodua Myvi maintenance cost is same for all variant

Proton Saga FLX SE 1.6

From the 2 tables above, both of these cars have almost similar maintenance cost.

Overall, Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5 and  Proton Saga FLX SE 1.6 is a great option for those who have transportation budget allocated between RM40K-RM65K.

Perodua Myvi Extreme 1.5 would be more fun to drive since it have more gadgets to play around and new gear knob position on the dashboard while Proton Saga SE 1.6 is more practical car, and has bigger boot space that allow the user to carry more stuffs.

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13 thoughts on “Perodua Myvi 1.5 Extreme and Proton Saga FLX 1.6 SE”

  1. Ahmad Redza says:

    Hi Kelvin.
    I just want to ask you, i did the tint installation on my 1.3 SE myvi the new version last week. The tint workers removed my door panel when doing the tint istallation. Is it normal? does it bring any harm on my door panel? Because some people said the door panel should not be removed when doing the tint installation as it will may break the bracket and etc. and some people said that if the tint shop is professional, they do not have to remove the door panel. thank you.

    1. Jamil says:

      Dear Ahmad & Kelvin,
      I just could not understand why the door panels need to be opened up for the tinting. The last time I sent my car for tinting (many yrs ago) I sat at the lounge to watch the whole process. The installers did not opened the door panels. I was only advised not to wind down the windows for about one 3 days or so.

      1. Kelvin Ang says:

        Hi Jamil and Ahmad,
        the last time I did tint on my car was 4 years ago. The did not remove my door panel, but instead just loose the door panels so that they can access to the window glasses that hidden inside the door panel.

  2. Jamil Marof says:

    Hi Kelvin,
    Nice write-up. My myvi 1.5se is now 1yr 7mths. Only used on weekends. Car based in jb. Driven to penang, terengganu, and of course the states below. Found it comfy, robust and stable. Only grouse is rattling sound from dashboard and front right door. Informed SC but sound still persists. First time use Malaysian made car. Wish Perodua hears me – please get rid of the rattling sound. Its very irritating. I’ve owned numerous other brands, none had this problem. Well thats all for now.
    Adios !

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hello Jamil,
      thanks for the drop by and give us the comment. You are awesome guy 😀

      My brother owned a Perodua Myvi 1.5 SE too, but his one don’t have rattling sound yet. Hope is not coming anytime soon… haha

      yea, I’ve being heard a lot of people complained at the rattling sound of Perodua vehicle, especially on those earlier models.

      Some of the rattling sound is caused during the tint installation where those workers dismantled the cover of window, at the door panel…

      Once they taken out the cover to apply the tint film on the window, the plastic cover catch points have loosen up thus creating the rattling sound when driving.

      Nothing much they can do about it except install those sound proof materials around the dashboard and door…

      Hope to see you again, Jamil 🙂

  3. pirlo says:

    nice comparison. keep it up.
    anyway, all automatic variant saga flx variant (1.3 & 1.6) are CVT, not conventional automatic transmission.
    perodua do not have all-aluminum engine. their current engine line up for viva, myvi and alza, is using iron cast cylinder block. the aluminum refers to cylinder head.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hello Pirlo,
      thanks for the correction! I was neglected this post since sometime ago!

  4. Hipmomreport says:

    Nice car and nice pictures. But I hope there is a new model by Proton pretty soon.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Suprima S just launched few months back 🙂

  5. danishcomel says:

    Sorry to interupt. But your HP figure and torque figure for saga 1.6 flx is wrong. For saga flx 1.6 the HP is quoted at 108hp while the torque figure is @ 150nM.

    the figure you stated in your articles above and that is 94hp and 120Nm is for the saga flx 1.3.

    so please correct your articles. Saga flx 1.6 win in horse power and as well as torque compared with myvi 1.5. that is on paper of course.

    thank you

    1. Kelvin says:

      thanks for pointing out the error.
      I was referred to wrong figure LOL
      I’ve corrected it and hope to see you around again 🙂

  6. nadia says:

    best comparison i’ve read so far. helpful too. thanks!

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