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From crazy supercars and high-tech speed demons to celebrity endorsed luxury models — there are quite a few cars that stand out in terms of value and level of luxury. While varying in style, materials, performance capabilities and build techniques, they all have unparalleled price tags and worldwide recognition. This list is just a highlight of some of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world.

2016 Lamborghini Aventador

With an all-wheel drive system and power equaling that of a sports car, this Lamborghini has a price tag of nearly $550,000. The V12 engine, atmospheric induction system, and alcantar covered seats leave drivers feeling like royalty.

Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador


McLaren P1 LM

Coming in at $3.7 million, this is the most extravagant car in 2017. It is insanely fast, boasts a 3.8-liter-twin-turbo V8 engine, runs at 1,000 horsepower, and features gold plating surrounding the engine. The McLaren P1 LM is sportscar perfection and definitely in a class of its own.


2016 Ferrari 458 Spider

One of the finest convertibles currently in production, this twin turbocharged V8 engine powered model possesses impressive horsepower and rear wheel technology. Priced at $263,553, the car looks great with a sleek body, side grills, and eagle-eyed headlights.


Aston Martin Valkyrie

While a price has yet to be released, experts estimate that about three million dollars will be required to drive this baby away from the dealer. Inspired by the Red Bull racing team and aerodynamic ideas, the car boasts an innovative design that allows air to channel by chassis, similar to what wings would do, which creates downforce. The Valkyrie is a unique and powerful car for only the finest supercar buyers.


2016 Porsche 918 Spyder

Priced at over $900,000, this two-seater sports car offers both a gasoline engine and electric battery that provides 887 horsepower and 940 IB-FT of torque. With speeds reaching up to 218 miles per hour, this car is not just luxurious, but is fast as well.


2016 McLaren 650S

With rear wheel drive and a V8 engine, this seven speed McLaren can go up to 60 in just 4.7 seconds. For just under $300,000, buyers can comfortably speed around town and impress everyone they see by exiting and entering the car through the car’s infamous Lambo scissor doors.


Lamborghini Veneno Roadster

Similar to the price of an elegant house, this $3.3 million machinery masterpiece is the priciest Lamborghini out there. With an open-top and two seats, it comes equipped with a top of the line V12 engine, a seven speed automated manual transmission, and all wheel drive. This 3,285-pound beauty is lavishly equipped for speed.


Lykan HyperSport

Built by Lebanon-based W Motors, this $3.4 million Lykan HyperSport is the world’s first supercar out of the United Arab Emirates — and also the first vehicle to actually be embedded with jewels. This car has a 3.8-liter flat-six boxer and this allows for the car to reach 0 to 62 in less than three seconds. Buyers can choose between diamonds, sapphires, yellow diamonds, and rubies to adorn the titanium LED headlights.

Bugatti Chiron

Clocking in as the fastest and most powerful super sports car, the Bugatti Chiron has a price tag of a worthy $2.6 and is the most expensive Bugatti on the market. It comes equipped with an amazing turbocharged W-16 8-liter engine and 1,500 horsepower allows it to reach speeds of over 261 mph. This handmade and powerful car also offers all the luxury found in each Bugatti model.


Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron

Pagani Huayra BC

The most lavish Pagani ever made stands at $2.8 million, and this speedy creation is truly something special. With a V12 bi-turbo engine and transmission that is controlled by electronic hydraulic actuation and carbon-fiber synchronizers, the Huayra BC looks and operates exactly the way a sports car should.


2016 Rolls-Royce Ghost

With a powerful V12 engine and an eight speed ZF automatic gearbox, the Ghost can reach high speeds in just under eight seconds. With a pricetag of the comparably affordable $319,400 this Rolls-Royce masterpiece combines beauty and brain to offer drivers both luxury and velocity.


Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

With a price tag of $3 million, this fully carbon framed Sergio is both light and lightning fast. With no roof, windshield, or side windows, this unique and forceful sports car is nearly one of a kind — in fact, there were only six of them produced.

Supercars and hypercars are constantly being released and it seems as the numbers on the price tag continue to increase. These are the some of the most unique, powerful, and innovative high-ticket models currently on the market — something that will change as the world’s finest manufacturers continue to impress buyers with more luxurious and expensive cars.


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