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7-seater duster

The Renault Duster is one of the most popular 5-seater SUVs in India and is a very competitor to the best-selling Hyundai Creta. The SUV is also the best-selling car from the company’s Indian line-up.

The Renault Duster has been a subject to regular upgradation in order to keep it competitive in the ever-growing segment. However, there has been that one upgrade that most of the prospective buyers want to see in the SUV. And indeed, according to many, the SUV does deserve a 7-seater layout with a slightly increased wheelbase.

But yet, there are somethings that you need to know about the 7-seater Renault Duster if you have been waiting to get one.

The probability

Even after having all the popularity in the world, there is that one small group of people who still find weight to the question, “Will the upcoming generation of Renault Duster have 7-seater as an option?”

The previous generation of the Duster did have a lot of cosmetic upgrades just to make it look more attractive. However, even at the time of the launch, the company did not make any clear statement on the possibility of a 7-seater model.

The most recent news on the 7-seater Duster came about at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 where Francois Mariotte, the Commercial Director of Dacia, made a clear statement that a 7-seater form is still not in the company’s plan even though there is a lot of noise about the same. Hence, the people who are waiting for the longer version should not wait for it, at least in the 2018 model.

However, it is quite clear that the Renault is taking a good consideration of the demand and the anticipation level of the 7-seater trim. Hence, the company may consider introducing the bigger model in the future.

Will there be any changes mechanically?

This is something to contemplate on. It is quite natural that the bigger model will be heavier than the smaller counterpart. Hence, the engine may start to lose its shape on power driving. The current 5-seater Renault Duster is offered in three engine tunings – one for the petrol and two of diesel. Even the newest generation would also see the company continue with the tried and tested engine forms.

The petrol trims have a 1.5-litre engine which makes 105 bhp power and 142 Nm torque. The lower grade of the 1.5-litre diesel makes 84 bhp power and 200 Nm torque while the higher grade makes 108 bhp power and 248 Nm torque. The transmission duties are done by a 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

The 7-seater Renault Duster is expected to get a bigger engine or at least a higher grade engine to make it more powerful. Presently, almost all the 7-seater SUVs in India are more powerful than 110 bhp Duster. Hence, a 2.0-litre engine would be the most apt to get the job done.

The competition and pricing

Once the 7-seater Renault Duster is launched, it will be heading to a segment where it will be thrown against big names like the Mahindra XUV500 and the Tata Hexa. That said, there might an increase in the price as well, which could be anywhere around a couple of lakhs.

However, as of now, the 7-seater Duster is very far away from getting the dust of reality. But for timely updates with news and articles on this front, you can follow, which is one of the leading providers of every detail that relates to the automobile industry.

COOL People Love to Share:

7-seater Renault Duster

7-seater Renault Duster

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