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Lifespan of an LED: The Contributing Factors!

LEDs are always boasted about for their long lifespan. However, the only hurdle which obstructs the long lifespan of the highly efficient LED lights is their burning out. An LED product might blow off in just six months due to its burning out. There are many reasons for the burning out of these lights. The major reason that an LED fails and burs out is excessive heat. However, these illuminations can withstand only a specific heat threshold so that they can maintain a long lifespan. Moreover, different types of LEDs come with a different heat threshold limit. If this is so, then what causes them to heat excessively and burn out?

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A number of factors contribute to this problem. For instance, if the illuminations are mounted in the headlight housing and near the headlamp bulb, then the probability is higher that they will fail early as compared to using separate housing installations. LEDs are heated to high temperature by the heat produced from the headlamp, thus leading them to failure. Another instance of their failure is when they are mounted in a small housing. For example, if the lights are installed in the license plate assembly, the small housing won’t allow quick dissipation of heat, thus leading to their failure.

Another reason why these illuminations fail early is due to LED overdriving. The principle of ‘more is less’ and ‘less is more’ is applied here. By increasing the power supplied to the LEDs slightly, the amount of light emitted can be increased. However, the high level of performance is achieved at the expense of the lifespan of the illuminations.

A large amount of their failures occur during voltage spikes, which increases the amount of voltage supplied to the illuminations. Hence, the power cannot be simply turned up for the sake of improving the brightness of these products. For producing brighter products, LEDs are designed around a brighter base. Apt power supplies are used which can drive them to their optimum potential. However, in spite of this fact, they are being pushed towards the brink of their maximum power supply, in view of making them exceptionally bright. Thus, the produced heat is removed and is also required to be removed from the circuitry.

For imparting a long lifespan to the LEDs, an efficient heat management system is a must. Thus, the focus has been shifted from turning up the power to turning up the innovation, for making them brighter. Proper installation of a LED is the key to its long lifespan. Moreover, there are many other factors that help in imparting a longer lifespan to these lights.

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