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Servicing, maintenance, and repair – any car owner could relate to such terms easily. No wonder, a car or auto mechanic always becomes a ‘friend in need’, ready to help any moment. When you face any difficulty in your car, you need to hire a car mechanic for repairing and fixing the problems. But it is suggested to appoint some specialized car mechanic for these tasks because only trained and certified mechanics can solve complicated problems of your car. A highly skilled job demands a great deal of knowledge and acquired the expertise to be successful.

Who Can Become A Car Mechanic?

Though a diploma or degree related to automotive service technology or motor vehicle mechanic is highly valued, on-the-job training is considered more important in order to learn the tricks of the trade and thus to establish oneself as a good and trusted mechanic. Most of the mechanics enter the field as apprentices and learn work under senior mechanics. However, more than any formal qualification, the most important thing required is the aptitude to identify problems and offer appropriate solutions for the same and also, the capability in manually handling tasks. Mechanics need to complete their course work from reputed schools, and they need to join the automobile company as an intern after their course. They need to complete an internship and afterward, they generally get their license to start their independent business.

Necessary Skills to Become a Successful Car Mechanic:

  • A good know-how of the various parts of an automobile
  • Aptitude for mechanical repair
  • Ready to update one’s own knowledge about new trends
  • Good reading skills for learning about new technologies used in automobiles with the help of manuals
  • It would be ideal if one has a basic working knowledge of computers to learn and excel in his chosen area
  • Good reasoning and analytical skills to identify and solve problems

What Does The Car Mechanics Do At Their Workplace?

  • Identifying the problem or checking the extent of the damage to the vehicle is the first thing that any mechanic needs to do. That is where his analytical skills are put to test. One who has this skill can earn a good name in a very short while.
  • The next step is estimating the work that needs to be done and to calculate the cost of the repair work. This is essential as the customer can be better-equipped early enough. The auto mechanic may have to deal with both routine minor works such as replacing spark plugs, checking vehicles’ brakes etc. and major works such as bodywork, servicing etc.
  • One needs to be equally adept in all these things. One may also specialize in a chosen area or chosen automobile. However, that comes only at a later stage when he is skilled enough with a good practical knowledge of automobile functioning and repair.
  • The mechanic may also have to deal with huge equipment and hand tools on a daily basis, which implies quite a lot of physical effort involved in the process. It takes patience and skills to make one a good mechanic. A good, working knowledge of both hand tools such as pliers, wrenches etc. and power tools such as welding equipment is necessary.

One may start as an apprentice or trainee technician under an experienced or senior mechanic. In the beginning, he may be given only minor works and this is the time to utilize one’s skills of observation in order to learn all things, the basic stuff, and the major ones. It may take two to five years or more to become a skilled mechanic and more if one is keen on specializations.

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