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Car dealerships have now lost their shine. When it comes to buyers seeking advice and insight into different car models and the latest deals, consumers are heading online.

The modern day car buyer goes straight to the web. Online mediums allow for real time conversations and expert videos that are more trustworthy.

Today, online car communities are like that friend that loves to talk about cars – a downright enthusiast that gives advice and the lowdown on the latest deals and models.

So what are the main questions being asked in the online auto world before a buyer heads to purchase?

1. Is this car suitable for my needs?

Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels

A two seater sports car doesn’t work for everyone. Families need to know they can fit the children, the dog, and all the baggage that comes along with that in the vehicle.

Knowing that the size and space of a car accommodates a buyer’s needs, that fuel efficiency is high, and that a car is equipped with airbags for safety, are some primary questions for most car buyers online.

2. Can I afford this car?

Money - Source: Pexels

Source: Wikipedia

Seasons affect the price of cars significantly. Spring and Summer are both very popular periods for car buyers, and therefore prices can rise substantially.

Car buyers are becoming more informed of peak times for discounts and car sales. Many consumers are also concerned with the price of their own cars for trade-in value, if they switch over later down the track.

3. Where is best to buy?

Car Key - Source: Pexels

Car Key – Source: Pexels

The growth of online cars websites such as Gumtree are proliferating, although traditional car dealerships are still options.

Consumers want to know where reputable dealerships are and which deliver the best customer experience.

Car dealership reviews are available in their thousands online. Having an excellent reputation with customers is instrumental to any auto dealer.

4. Am I getting a good deal on this car?

Key Question - MAc Book

Key Question – MAc Book

Transparency is now vital, with online auto communities in full effect. Following your gut instinct is no longer necessary for buying a car. Half of all customers use their smartphones to price check and find other details while at a dealership, making honesty the best policy.

With answers at our fingertips, auto companies have had to step up their game. Like customers, automotive companies can also use online information to prepare.

Shoppers know what they want. Thoughts and reviews are often shared on social media, YouTube, blogs, and comparison websites.

For auto-companies to succeed and sell in the mobile world of fast answers, they need to get online and research. Customers can see if a deal is or good or not with a couple of minutes searching on their phone.

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