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How to keep your vehicle secure

If you’ve just bought yourself a car, vehicle security is probably a key issue you’ve been considering. You probably feel very protective of the latest addition, that’s more than likely taken a sizeable wedge of your cash. So what can you do to ensure your vehicle – and all of its contents – are kept safe and secure?

keep secure vehicle

keep secure vehicle

Be aware of your valuables

Your car might seem like a metal haven, but it doesn’t automatically mean it’s the best place to store all your valuables. Think of your car as being like a shop window. A thief can see inside and decide what they want before going in to get anything. If you leave your expensive satellite navigation system on the front passenger seat, a thief is probably going to spot it. You wouldn’t leave your best jeweler on the window sill, so don’t leave your car’s valuables on the seat.

The glove box and the boot are both enclosed and away from prying eyes. Store anything of value that you cannot take with you in either of these places. Both are lockable, which is an added security measure. If you don’t have any spare room in the glove box or boot, try storing things underneath the seats. While this isn’t as secure, it is useful to keep things out of sight if you are just making a quick trip to the newsagent. Check with your insurance company about what they will cover you for. Some of them will not cover your belongings if they are left on the seat, in full view so wherever possible, take them with you or lock them away.

Protect your vehicle

Most modern cars come fitted with vehicle security devices as standard, which can be a relief for a lot of people. Immobilizers and alarms both make it more difficult to break into and steal a car. If the alarm goes off, it’ll draw attention to potential thieves and hopefully scare them away. In the event that they do manage to break in, the immobilizer will stall them for a while. Having a tracking device fitted is a great way to cover yourself in the eventuality that your car is stolen. It may also bring down the cost of your insurance premiums, which is an added bonus. If your car does get stolen, the tracking device can be activated, making it much easier to find it and get it recovered. It may save police time and increase your chances of getting your car back.

Classic cars do not have the same modern extras that are fitted with their newer counterparts so security can be more of an issue. On top of that, because they are usually rarer, they can often be more appealing to would-be thieves. You will need to invest in some after-market accessories if you want to increase the security of your vehicle. A steering lock gives you some extra protection and can be a great deterrent. Tinting the windows can also make it harder to see inside, which may put off thieves. You need to be careful when doing this though, to ensure the tints comply with the standards of the law in the UK.

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