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Recently I helped one of my regular outing friend to jumped start her car in the midnight. Luckily she wasn’t alone at the time. Like most of the typical people, she don’t keep jumper cables in her car. I do keeps the jumper cables in my car bonnet all the time, no matter where I go.

Back to the story, she called me at around 12am in the midnight, and she told me that her car remote control alarm is not working, thus unable to unlock and get into the car.

Sorry to interrupt the story again, this is the another reason why we should never switch OFF our cellphone when we are sleeping, because there might be an emergency call from your love one or friends who need you at that unexpected time!

The story continue…

Upon I reached the place where she parked her car, I inspected her car remote control and I found out it was the car battery drained instead of the remote control system broken down.

The car was battery drained, which caused the receiver in the car alarm system unable to receive any signal from the car remote control.

Jump Start a Car with Jumper Cables

Jump Start a Car with Jumper Cables

Jump Start a Car with Jumper Cables

Then we move the car by pushing it manually from the place where she parked to the proper position so that my car hood and her car hood is facing each other. That way I can connect my jump start cable from my Toyota Vios car battery to her’s car battery.

Jump start a car with jumper cables is relatively easy:

  1. First of all, I connected positive terminal from the good car battery to the drained car battery.
  2. Then I connected the negative terminal from the good car battery to the disable car chassis (The car body, or chassis is ground). The user has to ensure both positive and negative terminal of the jumper cables are not touching each other or else will caused burn on the cable and damage the car electronic system as well as the battery.
  3. Upon the 2 cars are connected to each other, the disable car’s starter part drawn the electricity from the good car battery straight away. Then we started up the disable car engine by twisted with the car key.
  4. After started the disable car engine, we removed the jumper cables through the reverse procedures.
  5. We remove the jumper cables from the negative terminal of the disable car chassis then from the good car negative terminal.
  6. And we proceed the removal of the jumper cables from the positive terminal both of the cars.

The disabled car must keep the engine running for at least 20 to 30 minutes in order for the car’s alternator to have sufficient time to recharge back the drained battery. Revving the engine may help to accelerate the recharge cycle but at the same time this action is wasting your car petrol as well.

I had helped my friend, and I feel good about it. I gain nothing by helping her, but I get the appreciation from her face expression when the car is started and that make me feel great and valuable.

In fact, I has helped a lot people jump start their cars too. So, you should start get a good jump start cables in your car and start helping those who needed it! Check out the car batteries in the UK.

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COOL People Love to Share:

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