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Journey of the Honda Accord in India

The Honda Accord stands out as a symbol of luxury and sophistication. The unique front grille, large alloy wheels and panoramic sun roof help this car to stand out amongst its competition. It is available in two petrol engines for the Indian market and is placed in the premium sedan (D segment) category of vehicles.

Honda Accord 2.0 Front View

Modified Honda Accord

For many years, the Honda Accord has been a top selling luxury sedan model in the Indiana auto market. Though not as radically designed as the City or the Civic, it still manages to turn heads while passing by. However, the car has lost out to rivals such as Toyota Camry, Skoda Laura and Volkswagen Jetta, which have diesel options. At present, the Accord comes only with two petrol options one of which is a 2.4 litre engine and the other is a 3.5 litre V6 powertrain.

The V6 engine takes just over 8 seconds to touch the 100 kmph mark, which is quick for a vehicle of its size. It gives an impressive power output of 274 bhp, but a mileage of less than 10 kmpl. The other 2.4 litre engine in this car gives a higher mileage of 12.88 kmpl and a power output of 179 bhp. This particular model comes in both automatic and manual transmission.

Due to the low demand for this vehicle in the market at present, it is a great time to buy a well maintained version at a competitive used Honda Accord price. A used 2010 model of the Accord can be purchased at a price as low as Rs. 11.75 lakh in the Delhi second hand car market. On the other hand, a brand new version of this vehicle is available from Rs. 21 lakh to Rs. 27 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

In terms of comfort and features, at the used Honda Accord price, features such as Automatic Transmission, AC with climate control, remote central locking, luxurious leather upholstery, an MP3 player and rear AC vents can be obtained. The 2013 model has been redesigned, making it more attractive than earlier. It also gets a sunroof across all variants, which was not available earlier.

The Honda Accord has been endowed upon with  steering mounted cruise control, which  reduces stress on the driver. Front seats are comfortable and the height of the driver’s seat can be altered, providing optimum comfort. One thing that the Accord never seems to fall short of is space. It often feels like a big camper with ample amount of headroom and legroom.

Honda Accord 2.0 Back View

Modified Honda Accord

It is possible that in the year 2013, Japanese manufacturer Honda may be looking at introducing a diesel version of the Accord, to help it climb back up the sales charts. The recent Amaze, a compact sedan from the company has already registered tremendous sales in the month of April and may stem Honda to release more diesel vehicles in the country. Checkout the Sell My Car South Africa.

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