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It is an age-old notion that women always get attracted to rich men with swanky cars. However, the times are changing and so are the notions about car and women. Today, it is possible to woo ladies with cheap cars that come in shapes and sizes. Women have become more practical today and like to live in the real world. There are some excellent options in different brands that are surely worthy of attention. All you need to do is get in a nice car and present yourself and the car in style to the lady in the life.

Not every man can afford a Ferrari or a BMW or Mercedes. However, that does not mean that they cannot look attractive to the women, or lose the right to look attractive to them. There is no need to limit the opportunities with the fairer sex, just because of a cheaper car. As long as you know your manners and are confident of your style, you need not worry about affording that sports car.

The top priority of every woman is a nice guy and a good car. The car need not carry that hefty price tag. You can still carry that “wow” factor with a reasonably priced car kept in immaculate condition. Women assess the look and design of the car, plus the man who drives. A cheaper car that is well maintained and polished can look like a fairly expensive model. Get the care regularly cleaned and pay special attention to the winter tyres. After all, tyres are an important part of the vehicle, and they must be in top conditions to create the reliability factor.  Just follow the basic concepts that can help keep your car in the best possible condition. Ensure that the brakes, belts, and battery are in good condition and the oil is changed regularly.

Women like guys who are respectful and reliable. As long as they feel safe, protected and special in your company, they really don’t care much about the price of the car. They will never judge you based on your bank balance or the price of your car. Imagine the embarrassment if the expensive car you are showing off breaks down or refuse to start. If this happens while your girlfriend is with you, chances are that you might never see her again. Treat your woman with respect, and one of the best way is to have a long drive in your car, that you are sure is the most relabel vehicle out there.

Gone are the days when luxury cars were bought by rich men to impress their girlfriend or wife. both men and women have become smarter, and know what they are looking for in life. Any average guy might think that only a hot and expensive car can make him look attractive to the girls. Well, if he has not been careful about other essential aspects, chances are that even the most expensive car will not help him woo the ladies.

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