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I’ve being driving car for more than 5 years to my office, outings, out stations and long journeys with my family and friends and I never had back pain and strain on neck due to driving. Sitting properly in the car is crucial to assure our back and neck are not hurt.

Here is how I sit properly in the car to prevent back pain and strain on neck, yet stay comfortable, focus and sharp on the road.

Step by Step To Sit Properly In The Car

Most of the driver seat in the car is designed to adjust in 3 positions that allows the driver to sit in the right position, the 3 parts driver seat that can allows to adjust are: move-able seat to front and back with the seat slider, incline and decline adjustment on the seat recliner and headrest adjustment.



Below is the step by step to sit properly in the car:

1) Get into the car and sit on the driver seat.

2) Adjust the seat recliner to fully wrapping the driver’s lower back. The seat should slightly reclined to prevent sitting straight up as this will increase the compression to the driver’s lower back. Make sure the driver seat fills the gap in the curvature of driver’s low back.

3) Adjust the headrest to the support the driver’s head and straighten up at 90° viewing angles from the body.

4) Then move the seat slider so that the driver’s foots can put and step on the gas/brake/clutch pedals without the legs have to be fully extended.

5) Next, the driver put on the 2 arms on the steering wheels. The steering wheels shouldn’t blocking the driver from seeing the dial meters, if the steering wheels is blocking the driver from seeing the dial meters, the steering wheels height has to be adjusted. Next, is to assure the driver’s shoulders and arms are below ninety degrees from the steering wheels to prevent the strain on the shoulder.

6) Now the driver should in the perfect position for driving, but before he/she drive off the car, he/she has to ensure the rear mirror, and side mirrors can be see without the driver has to twist or turn the neck excessively.

Lastly, drivers are recommended to take a toilet break for every 1 hour when they are driving in the long journey to freshen up themselves and do some stretching and light exercises. Prolonged of sitting is never good to anyone no matter how perfect the sitting position!

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