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No matter how creative or protective you are over your car, there is no denying that there is nothing you can do to completely protect it from moisture exposure. The metal framework and body of the car is treated to withstand rust and corrosion. On the flip side, things like your exhaust system are not. As you use your car, its exhaust system is exposed to water and another form of debris that can damage it. These factors play a huge role in damaging and causing rust to form on your exhaust.

Causes of Rust

When water particles and mud is left to stay on top of your exhaust system, it corrodes the metal used in making the system. Particles such as salts also corrode the metal. This is likely to happen in snowy areas as salts are used to combat snow on roads. On the positive side is that aftermarket exhaust systems are made from stainless steel. This material is hard to corrode but also suffers victim when exposed to the stated conditions.

Here is a collection of methods that you can use to protect your car’s exhaust system from rust.
• Paint before Installing
As we have learned the car exhaust system is pretty exposed. Car experts have given countless testimonies on this method. Paint your exhaust system before installing it. As we know the exhaust system is exposed to high heat levels and as such make sure to use high-temperature resistant paint for it to last.

• Get undercoating for your car
This is a rubberized coating that is sprayed to the undercarriage of the vehicle. It keeps off moisture and other forms of debris. It has the disadvantage of burning off quickly rendering it ineffective. There also have been reported cases of it producing a foul odor.

• Regularly paint the bottom of the car
Spraying off the underside of your vehicle and especially your exhaust on a routine basis will go a long way toward preventing rust from forming on your exhaust system. This will get off most of the road particles that tend to trap moisture against the metal in your exhaust system and help the rust to form.

• Chrome Plating
In this era of technological advancement, some modern cars are assembled with chrome plated exhausts. If your car doesn’t have a plated exhaust system, then you should plate it. Benefits such as making it shinny are just minor victories as you fight to prolong its lifecycle by defeating rust. The flip side of this method is that one needs to go to specialists as it cannot be done at home.

• Wash
Regularly wash your car’s undercarriage at your preferred car wash. This feature allows you to get rid of salts and other debris that cause rust on your exhaust system. These components build up over time, and you are advised to have the underside of your car washed at least once or twice a month.

• Purchase a high-end exhaust system
Most exhaust systems are made of metal that is affected easily by rust. Purchasing high-end exhaust systems are beneficial as they are made from stainless steel. Although this material is not completely rust proof, it does fight the rusting process at a better rate than most common metals on exhaust systems. The only downside is that these exhaust systems are very expensive to both buy and maintain.

• Use wax
Using wax on a regular basis will help you keep your exhaust system from rusting. Waxing prevents rust as it does not allow elements such as moisture and mud particles to stick to part of your car’s exhaust system
These are a couple of methods that may help you in the fight against rust.

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