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How to polish your car properly

Owning a car is not enough if it is not maintained properly. Maintenance of the vehicle is very important as the longevity of the vehicle depends on it. If you do not maintain the vehicle properly then it won’t last long and the glamorous look will get lost. Hence it is very important that once or twice in a month you pay attention to your car, by checking if you have all the required car accessories needed, and that all parts still work well.

Now car polishing is something which is very time consuming and to do it perfectly you need some skills. Professional car polishers are not very easily available and moreover they will charge you a lot for one polishing session. Hence most people polish their car by themselves but the only thing is you need to learn the basic techniques. Car polishing is very important as it removes the dirt and defects on the surface paint. When a car grows old the paint also fades little bit if you do not repaint it. Hence a good car polishing session will not show the fades.

Steps of car polishing

The basics of car polishing can be explained in details. People should know the technique properly before starting it.

  1. a) The very first step of car polishing is to wash the car properly. Washing the car is very important if you want to polish the car. This is because a car’s surface is full of dirt and other things and if these are not removed properly then it will be a permanent mark after polishing. The surface paint will also go bad if you do not wash the car thoroughly before polishing it.
  2. b) A car can be washed easily by a hose pipe and after washing you need to dry the car properly. This step is also very important as if you do not dry the car properly then the polish which you will apply will not be proper. You should take a dry towel and apply properly rub it all over the body of the car. You should check whether there is any kind of road tar in the car’s body before applying the polish.
  3. c) After drying the car properly just apply the polish in a proper manner. The very first thing which you should check is the brand of the polishing cream. The quality of your polish is very important as this will determine the final look of your car. If the quality of the polish is bad then it won’t last longer. The best thing to do is to go through your car’s manual and see which polish they have mentioned. It is right to buy that brand and apply in your car.
  4. d) Once you have chosen the brand you need to put the polish in an applicator pad or a soft sponge. Now apply the polish all over the surface of the car and then buff it by a foam pad. This is very important as it brings the glaze of the car. You should polish a car under a shade so that the paint of the car is not destroyed. When you choose your polish you should also check the chemical composition of it. The polish should contain urethane finish instead of lacquer finish. These are certain things which are very important to note before choosing a polish for your car.

Need for waxing

After you have polished your car it is time to apply a bit of wax all over the car’s body so that it shines properly. After the polish, applying a synthetic wash will help to keep the showroom shine of the car. If you can wax your car twice or thrice a year, you will be able to maintain the original color to a great extent.

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