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How to Love Someone In The Right Way?

Throughout my life, I’ve seen a lot people get into relationship (of course, included myself), and we went through all those sweet and sour moments and then somehow things are not working out and we BREAK UP! Oh Gosh, that is heart break!

Some people even get as far into married life and get kids yet still end up in divorced.

Why do people get break up and divorced? Thing don’t working out?

Perhaps they actually didn’t love the person or they just don’t know how to love someone in the right way?

All of us have being brought up by our parents and grew up the culture where we learns everything through books and school, and these system never teach us how to love someone in the right way.

Since our parents and school never teach us how to love someone, we learn how to love someone by ourselves.

We go out a and get a girlfriend/boyfriend and we hit for romantic dinner, done all those sweet activities together, swing around all days and nights, flirt each other then we quarrels.

For the couples that are persistent enough to work the things out, their relationships will still continue to goes on and maybe grow even better, while to weaker, or those who give up then they might just leave the relationship and look for the new partner then go back to the same cycle and get hurt again.


How to Love Someone In The Right Way?

I am not a love expert nor a relationship consultant, but I went through all these ups and downs path. For me, loving someone is a very beautiful things. I am born with the blessing of being able to receive and give my loves to someone.

So, how do you know you have fall in love to someone? Below is the symptoms of you have fallen to someone:

  • You will keep thinking of him/her all the day and night, no matter what you are doing…and missing to their sweat smile and laugh in our head
  • You get envy when some other guy/gurl flirting them
  • Can’t stop stalking her/him all the time
  • He/she will be your priority for everything else
  • Even a short talk with him/her will make you happy all day
  • Constantly checking your phone/WhatApps/Facebook/WeChat/SMS to see if he/she had messaged you
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Great! So, everyone know how to fall in love to someone, but how to stay in love and love them in the right way?

Here are the ways:

  • Care for him/her all the time even you are busy. If you are busy, try make a short call or short text to her. This shows that you are important for him/her even though he/she is busy
  • Understand her/him, don’t expect he/she will spend 100% of his/her time for you. He/she got the job and other important things to be done too. Sometimes, he/she need their own space too. Relationship gotta to have the balance point
  • Be there for him/her, support whatever he/she is doing and trust and have faith to him/her
  • Don’t spend his/her money, he/she is your soul partner, not your ATM machine
  • Communicate often and tolerate each other if there misunderstanding issue between both of you. Take time off for a breeze walk and reflect back where is the problem and be willing to accept if it is your own fault
  • Stop being stubborn and be willing to apologize for your mistakes. Human makes mistakes from time to time, we are here to learn 🙂
  • Give all your love to your partner, a lot people only give love to their partner when the partner has given so much more. This is love, not mathematics, thus please stop the calculation and give all you love to them
  • Have faith and trust your partner 100% and don’t control or restrict her/him what she/he loves to do. You are here to enhance and beautify her/his life, not to darken her/his life
  • Be faithful, never cheat and lie to your partner
  • Never hide anything to your partner, no matter how ugly the truth is
  • Always include activities for both of you if possible and make sure both of you are having fun with it
  • Love is a unselfish thing, we love someone with our open heart. You don’t love person only if the person love you. Instead you love the person because for who she/he is
  • If both of you happened to be quarrel, then take a time and step back. Reflect where is the problem and sincerely apologize for the mistakes even sometimes it is not your entirely fault. Both of you must work out the solution rather than avoiding the issue
  • Put yourself in her/his shoes, understand her/him why she/he did it or behave that way
  • Grow her/his talents, make her/him a better and positive person than before you know her/him. Again, you be part of her/his life and to enhance it and bring their life to next level, no to darken her/his life
  • Be grateful to have him/her in your life
  • Lastly, always think from ‘Us’ perspective, not ‘I’ or ‘You’ when we are in relationship


Falling in love and staying in love is two different things, and staying in love required a lot of hard works but worth it! Let’s learn this together!
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