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Car batteries are bound to run out sooner or later. It is just something that is an inherent part of the product lifecycle.
Due to this, it is important to have them replaced every once in a while, when they run out of power.

When it comes to replacement of the batteries, the first thing that comes to mind knows whether or not a battery needs replacement.
As tricky and difficult as it may sound, the truth is that the whole thing is very easy and simple, if one knows what is needed to be done.

While there are numerous ways to know whether something is wrong or not, here are some of the best ways to indentify if the best car battery is having problems:

car battery

1.) The Engine can take Some Time to Crank Up
The engine of the car will take some time to start up whenever there are issues with the best car battery.
In fact, this is one of the most telltale signs that the battery is slowly fading in terms of power and in need of a replacement.

While issues with the car’s power cords or some other internal wiring can be a cause for this, the battery is more often than not the cause of cranking issues when starting the car.

The best way to confirm the truth is with the help of a good mechanic, who can easily identify the problem with the car.

2.) Battery Case Abnormalities
If in case there are any abnormalities with the battery’s case such as a swelling, it is an indication that the battery is either damaged or overheated.
The problem sometimes subsides when the battery is left to cool down, if it is a genuine case of battery overheating. If in case the battery doesn’t cool down even after cooling down, it is a good indication that a replacement is necessary.

3.) Check If the Engine Light Turns On

Another useful indication is whether or not the car engine lights will turn on.

While there may be numerous reasons for why this might happen, battery issues are among the most likely of all causes. The lack of energy from the battery causes the lights to turn partially, flicker or perhaps not switch on at all.

4.) Leakage of Battery Content

If in case there is a leakage in the content of the battery, i.e. the acid component, it is a clear indication that the battery needs to be replaced.
The leakage is caused either due to the reactions taking place inside the battery or due to the battery’s case sustaining some sort of physical damage.

5.) End of Product Life-Cycle
Most car batteries last between three and five years, depending on the brand and model. While there is a possibility that it can last much longer, this is the usual lifespan of most batteries.

Due to the fact that the car’s battery has a limited lifespan, it is necessary that it is tested regularly, so as to ensure that the battery is running without any issues.
It is important to remember that if one can keep a track of the level of usage of the car, the likelihood of the car’s battery lifespan can also be calculated. The rule of thumb for this is quite simple, which is that the more the car is used, the higher is one likely to need its battery replaced soon.

In all, a car’s battery will definitely need a replacement over a certain period of time, which depends on the level of usage, brand, model, quality and a whole host of other factors.

Regardless of the causes, it is important that these telltale indications and signs be looked out for, so as to ensure that battery issues don’t crop up unexpectedly sometime along in the near distant future.

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