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Low air pressure in your car tyre will cause ineffective fuel consumption to your car because the lower air pressure in tyre creates more drag and inefficient rolling resistance to the car.

The solution is fill up your car tyre to the optimal pressure to ensure the tyre rolling resistance at the lowest.

This video is going to show you how to fill up your air pressure for TRD wheel effectively, and ensuring the proper pressure is filled into the tyre.

For my Toyota Vios, the recommended tyre air pressure is 230Kpa for both front wheels.

1) First, I set the air pressure reading to Kpa
2) Then I set the reading to 230Kpa
3) and I take off the TRD wheel cap
4) Then I insert the nozzle into the TRD Wheel valve and hold on it
5) The air pressure machine will fill up the wheel continuously until the beep sound
6) When the beep is sounded, the wheel is filled with 230Kpa, then remove the nozzle and put back the cap onto the wheel valve.

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