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Have you ever wondered what kind of car jump starter you wish to buy for your vehicle? There are numerous options out there on the market, and it’s hard to distinguish the good ones.

First of all, you should know that there are two types of jump starters – plug-in units and jump boxes. The boxes are sealed, they have jumper cables attached, and they don’t require any maintenance. Plug-in units offer a huge burst of amperage required by your car to turn on.

If you wish to jump start your vehicle at home, then you will need the help of a charger and a jump starter. Your other option is buying a whole jump box visit

Plug-in Jump Starters & Chargers

Trickle chargers come with different amperages, mostly between 2 and 10. It is better for the life of the battery to charge it with a lower amperage, but the time required for the process would be much longer.

Most chargers have a “start” button that provides a higher amperage, but it can harm your system. It’s better to leave the charger for a little longer to do its job if you don’t want to overuse it and destroy it.

As you may have already thought about it, the main disadvantage of the plug-in chargers is that you actually have to plug them somewhere and in some cases, you might not find a spot to do so.

Jump Boxes & Portable Power Packs

The other type of charger is also known as jump box due to the fact that it’s a battery located in a box, therefore the name. Jump boxes are perfectly sealed free batteries that don’t require any maintenance. They have a set of jumper cables attached to them, and all this is stored in a plastic pack.

The main difference with the plug-in units is that they can’t charge a dead battery. However, they are powerful enough to give the required amperage for a car to start. Moreover, they are portable and quite convenient, which makes them perfect for people who like to travel. Note that you must not forget to charge it every once in a while, or it might let you down just when you need it the most.

Note that your alternator can be severely damaged if you drive around with a dead battery inside your jump box. Drive as little as possible with an uncharged battery to reduce the potential harm. Jump boxes can be a real lifesaver when you are on the road, so it’s always useful to have one. Also, you have to recharge the battery as soon as possible if the charger is at your home, or else you might want to leave this task to an experienced mechanic.

Plug-in Jump Starters vs. Portable Jump Starters

We recommend having one of each as they both have advantages and disadvantages. Of course, if having both is unaffordable at the current moment, then the portable version might be more useful for you.

If you decide to buy a portable jump starter then check whether the pack includes the following:

  1. Heavy Duty Cables & Clamps
  2. Air Compressors
  3. Internal Battery With a Large Capacity
  4. Radios
  5. Emergency Lights
  6. Inverters
  7. 12V accessory receptacles
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