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How To Be Productive At Home?

Your office workload is piled up, your house is getting messier,  you parent has sent you a long to-do lists,  your car fog lamp broken and left unfixed yet. You have promised yourself that you will get it done by the weekend.

On the weekend, you have already knew that you have ton of things to to do but you get sluggish, demotivated and lazy. At the end of the day, you have done so much lesser than what you have planned to do.

Sound familiar? All of us have went through this unproductive day, of course included myself 🙂

How to be Productive at Home?

How to be Productive at Home?

Throughout the years, I’ve experimented different type of pattern and habits of my weekend routines to keep myself to be productive throughout the day. Below is the to do list to keep myself to be productive during the weekend:

  1. Start the day early – Nothing make your more productive when you start your day early, preferably before 9am in the day. Of course, in order to wake up early and feel refreshing, you need to sleep early on the previous day. A lot people tend to party on the Friday night and sleep late on that day, and end up being sleepy and unproductive throughout the weekend.
  2. Plan your day ahead – There is a say “If you failed to plan, you plan to fail”. Plan your day ahead what you want to do, then arrange those tasks to fit each of the time slot as the day goes by.
  3. Take a nap at the day time – Yea, you don’t read the statement wrong. Take a short nap during the day time, preferable after lunch time. A nap shouldn’t be longer than an hour. This short nap will keep you stay alert and focus on your tasks. In fact, you will be energetic throughout the day after the nap too.
  4. Exercise or workout regularly –  Your body need exercise to stay in optimum condition. Human body is means to be move around the moment we were born and if we stop using it, the body going to be weaker. So keep your body moving and exercise regularly. Regular exercise will stimulate your body to produce good feeling hormones to you and make you stay focus and positive that helps you to be productive.
  5. Keep all the distraction off from you – Avoid turn on television, social medias such as Facebook, Instragram, WhatApps, Wechat as these things will keep you from staying focus on your tasks. You can always check back your Facebook after you have done your tasks 🙂
  6. Eat healthy – Food that put into your stomach affect your concentration, ability to focus and mood too, so choose your foods wisely. Try to have balance meals where consist of whole grain meals, lean protein meat and a lot of vegetable. Ovoid over consumption of sugar drink and starch.
  7. Take Caffeine moderately – Drink coffee twice a day! I found drinking coffee twice a day, one in the morning and another one at noon helps to keep me stay focus and motivate to finish my tasks throughout the day. Advise: stop those caffeine drinks after 5pm or you may sustain some difficulty to sleep at night.

These are the few tips to keep me stay productive at home during the weekend, you guys may try it out too.

What are your tips to stay productive?

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