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In 3rd December 2017, I completed another half marathon (21.1km) organized by Standard Chartered Marathon (#SCSM2017). I participate in the marathon since I am 15 years old, and I never fail to participant in every single year since then!

I started with a quarter marathon (10km), then gradually increase the distance to the half marathon (21km), and 2 years ago (2015), I decided to run the full marathon (42.1km)! And now I run back half marathon.

The reason I keep running is very simple, to keep myself fit and looks good! That is the main motivation!

But soon I realized by constantly running and participant in the marathon, this habit has actually shaped me to be someone who is determined, discipline and goal orientated. I have to keep my training on schedule no matter how busy am I, no matter how bad day I have during the day, and no matter how tired I am, I just have to keep training for the marathon.

Running a marathon is not a short burst run that can be completed within minutes, but hours of struggle and a lot of sweats and muscle tears throughout the run. The preparation for this run required constant determination and persistence which is the requirement to be the successful entrepreneur.

Literary, I am torturing myself for every single marathon, but I feel good at the end of the day. I knew I achieved something, I knew I did something proud to my body and mental.

SCSM2017 with Razer team

SCSM2017 with Razer team

Not only that, every time after the workout, the body released a chemical called “Endorphins” which help to make me feel good and focus. I can use this feeling to be productive on my tasks. Without the proper workout, I feel my body and mental is sluggish and I am not productive for my tasks. I feel fatigue easily and have less motivation to get things done. So working out definitely helps to make me feel good and destress me at the same time.

In short, to stay productive and motivated for my goals, I will keep participating in near future marathons as long as my body allows me to do so!

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