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GripGo Hands Free Cell Phone Mount Review

Recently I bought a new GripGo Hands Free Cell Phone Mount that cost me RM24 through Groupon Malaysia. This is the first time I bought such a unique yet impressive product. For the past few years, we have seen many cell phone or GPS holder with mechanical holding but this is the first time I ever seen the cell phone/GPS mount holder with sticking type!

GripGo Hands Free Cell Phone Mount

GripGo Hands Free Cell Phone Mount in my Vios

GripGo Hands Free Cell Mount is one excellent product. The suction is strong on the windscreen and the green suction holder is excellent in gripping to my phone.

This product is very convenient for us, because we can just put our phone on it and we are ready to go! The GripGo will grip our phone and we can turn angle of the GripGo holder to almost any direction that we wished.

GripGo with HTC Sensation

GripGo with HTC Sensation

GripGo Hands Free Cell Phone Mount has drawback , the GripGo started to lose its gripping strength when My HTC Sensation is heated up. HTC Sensation heated up very fast especially when I running intensive applications during I am during, moreover the casing of the phone is aluminium which is an excellent heat conductor.

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4 thoughts on “GripGo Hands Free Cell Phone Mount Review”

  1. Kelvin Ang says:

    Hi James,
    sorry for come back to after so many months! It work well on my Iphone 5. The heat produced by the Iphone 5 has no match compared to HTC Sensation. It work perfectly 🙂
    Let me know if you have more question, I am ready to talk with you.

  2. James Corey Goode says:

    What about reports using the iPhone 5 on it… using the APP intensive GPS program that does suck a lot of juice and produce heat… does it have the same problem of dropping the phone or is this with the HTC Sensation model w/Aluminum case that is mentioned in the article only? I really want to know as I wanted to buy one ASAP to use in my car…. Ping me with a REPLY on iPhone 5 issues if any please!

  3. steve says:

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    don’t be shy to leave a comment

    1. Kelvin says:

      Cool, thanks. Your blog is cool too 🙂

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