Pumping Petrol at Petron
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Fuel-Friendly Tips For Your Car

The rising costs of fuel has forced a lot of car owners to leave their cars in the garage, opting to commute to their destination instead via public transportation. However, there are a lot of ways to save money without neglecting your car. One sure way is to make your car more fuel efficient. This is achieved by changing the way you drive, and knowing your car inside out. Below are just a few tips you may follow in order to turn your car into a fuel-efficient machine

Pumping Petrol at Petron Petrol Station

Pumping Petrol at Petron Petrol Station

  • Don’t Press On The Gas – A lot of drivers tend to press on the gas pedal repeatedly while on the road. Others do it while the clutch is on to jump start the engine and keep it warm during cold seasons. While this is effective, it also consumes a lot of gas. If you must speed up on highways, accelerate slowly. Keep the speed steady as much as possible. If your car has cruise control, take advantage of it. Speeds of over 100kmph tend to consume more fuel by three-fold.
  • Go For Natural Ventilation – Don’t turn on your air conditioning if you don’t need to. If it’s a short ride, or if the weather is pleasant, consider turning off your air conditioning and leaving the windows open. Not only does it give you a breath of fresh air, you also save more fuel in the process. Your car’s fuel consumption is raised by as much as 10 percent with the air conditioning on.
  • The Bare Necessities – Fancy features in your car like radios, lighting, ioniser, and phone chargers take up a lot of fuel. If you don’t need these features, it’s okay to do without them. Bring your mp3 player if you want music while you’re driving, but don’t plug it in. Charge your phone at home before your drive so you won’t have to do it in your car. While you’re at it, change your car’s exterior to make it more fuel efficient as well. While black may look sleek and edgy, it is a fact that dark colors absorb light, making it hotter inside your car, which means you will probably have your aircon on most of the time. If you have customized car exteriors, stay away from body kits, especially those that are heavy. The heavier your car is, the more effort your engine needs to make, and the more fuel it uses up.
  • Know Your Car Inside Out – Sometimes, it all depends on the model of your car. Certain brands are fuel efficient, while others are known to waste precious fuel. Do your research and look for your car model online to see its fuel efficiency rating. This way, you know what you’re getting yourself into. If you’re stuck with a car model that consumes a lot of fuel, you can trade it in for another, or just designate it for short errands.

In the end, it’s not entirely the car’s fault if it consumes a lot of fuel. Sometimes, drivers don’t know that their current driving habits waste a lot of fuel, or that their personal style prefers car looks over fuel efficiency. The tips mentioned above may seem simple enough, but if done regularly and without fail, you’ll be surprised to see that you don’t run out of fuel as quickly as you did before. This tips brought to you by Junk Cars San Diego.

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