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Sometimes, when you just look at the sticker price, it can be hard to justify buying a new car. However, it shouldn’t be as there are a world of benefits. In this guide, we list the top five.

#5 Street Cred

Let’s face it, new cars are cool. Everyone can see from your registration plate that you’ve bought a brand new car. It feels great. Embrace it. You can even avoid all those awkward questions like “how many miles did it have on it?”, “who owned it before?”, “when was X last replaced?”

#4 Sense of Ownership

It’s also great seeing your name on the logbook. Ever since it was registered, that car was yours and, if you choose, it will be yours for the rest of its life, too.

This gives you a sense of ownership you just don’t get with used cars. You’ll never wonder about the origins of a dent, think about where a stain from or ponder whether the replacement parts are good enough to last. It’s yours, so you’ll know everything.

#3 Peace of Mind

Plus, because everything’s new, nothing should go wrong. You can forget about wear and tear issues, too. Tyres will last you ages, there will be no need to replace the cam belt and the oil filters won’t be clogged.

You won’t have to drive to work fearing a rattling noise, a warning light or a sudden bang. Nothing should go wrong thanks to the new parts, so that means no standing on the hard shoulder.

#2 No Need for an MOT

Unlike used car owners, you won’t have to fear an impending expensive MOT repair bill, either. Government rules state that a car doesn’t have to be MOT’d until it is at least three years old, so you can drive without worry as long as you get the car serviced regularly.

#1 Warranty

Plus, even if something does go wrong, you have a warranty to cover it. Most cars now have incredibly lengthy warranties. Long gone are the one and two year warranties you get on household appliances. For example, Toyota warranties available through companies like RRG are 5 years. That’s half a decade of knowing you’re in safe hands. Some KIA’s now even come with a colossal 7 years! What could be better?

With all these benefits (and many more we don’t have room to mention here), it’s a wonder we’re not all buying new cars in our droves. Next time you come to buy, consider new carefully. A new car could be more affordable than you think.

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