TRD Sportivo Wheel on Toyota Vios GT Street
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OEM Vs Replica Wheels: Myths and Facts

Many of Malaysian and other countries drivers like to upgrade their car’s OEM wheels to replica wheels to enhance their car’s outlook.

We may have seen a lot sellers selling low prices on replica wheels or replica rims everywhere. Most of replica wheels come from China, Taiwan, Thailand as well as our own local product, Malaysia. One may wonder what the different between these replica wheels and OEM wheels.

For those who not sure what is OEM, it’s mean Original Equipment Manufacturer, authorized companies that makes parts for the car manufacturer.

Often OEM wheels are much more expensive than replica wheels even though some replica wheels are much more stylish than OEM wheels.

Replica WheeL or Replica Rim

Replica Wheel or Replica Rim

Let see primary goals of OEM wheels:

  1. Ability to properly support the weight of the vehicle and it’s passengers.
  2. Durability from road salts, car wash acids, chemical and etc.
  3. Durability in order to minimize warranty claims or recalls.
  4. Proper fitments to ensure vehicles brake system as well as suspension operate as designed and without vibration.
  5. Durability from road hazards such as potholes.

OEM wheels go through millions of kilometers of testing and millions dollars in research and development in order to ensure the wheels withstand the rigors of everyday driving.

Let see primary goals of replica wheels:

  1. Ensure lowest manufacturing  cost possible; which they will be using cheapest materials to forge the wheels)
  2. Fit a wide variety of model vehicles (changing wheel widths and offsets)

They don’t go through proper research and development (R&D), simply to minimize the manufacturing cost from their side.

Toyota Vios front wheels with TRD Sportivo Wheel

Toyota Vios front wheels with TRD Sportivo Wheel

Myth #1: Replica wheels as strong as OEM wheels.
Fact #1: Replica wheels are weaker and more likely to get bend and cracked compared to OEM wheels. Replica wheels using cheap, more porous materials and cheaper manufacturing method called as graitiy casting. The molten aluminium is simply poured into a mold and allowed it to cool off. OEM wheels using different methods of manufacturing where after the molten aluminium is poured, there will be a pressure apply on the aluminium.

Result, OEM wheels have higher density of the materials base compared to the replica wheels.

Myth #2: Replica wheels will fit your car just as well as a factory wheels.
Fact #2: Replica wheels will cause a major vibration to the vehicle and also rub on the suspension or brake parts since no fitment testing was done on the particular vehicles.

Myth #3: Replica wheels have the same durable finish as a OEM wheels.
Fact #3: Replica wheels did not go through any test to withstand the road salts, chemicals and other element as OEM wheels do. Thus replica wheels’ finish wont last as OEM wheels do.

Now you know why replica wheels are much cheaper compared to OEM wheels 🙂

Naza Kia Cerato 2.0 Sport Rim with 215/45/17 tyre

Naza Kia Cerato 2.0 OEM Alloy Wheel with 215/45/17 tyre

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