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Fact About Car Window Tint Film Happening In The Market

Recently I’ve met up with an old friend who running a automotive tint film business in Kuala Lumpur during the last Hari Raya holiday festival. We discussed about the automotive tint film industry in our country, Malaysia.

Throughout the discussion, we have discovered that there are many car window tint film shop owners are running their business unethically to their customers. These people are the one who run their car window tint business as authorized dealer of well known car window tint brands such as V-Kool, Raytech, 3M, Solar Gard, Raytech, Llumar and so on.

Automotive Tint Films in roll form

Automotive Tint Films in roll form

Even though they are the official authorized dealer for these premium car window tint brands, but they do carry unethical attitudes in their business. While they are selling authentic car window tints (V-kool, 3M, Solar Llumar), at the same time these dealers do sell the replicated, low-quality “Home-brand” tint film to their customers as well.

‘Home-brand’ tints is not the authentic tints  and is not manufactured by those 3M,V-Kool, Raytech manufacturers. Those tint shop’s owners get the other low quality tints from somewhere mainly from China and Taiwan, and then re-label these unknown tint films with a new label, such as “3M Apple SR80” and then sell as one of the original 3M product in their shop and given their shop 3M warranty card to their customers.

By selling those ‘Home-brand’ or fake tints, the tint shop’s owners are able to make higher profit margin compared to selling the genuine tint films to their customers.

Car Window Tinted Shop

Car Window Tinted Shops

These tint shop’s owners convinced their customers that these non-original, low quality “Home-brand” tint films are able to provide a good heat shielding as good or at least close to branded 3M tint film with lower price.

They even demonstrate these “Home-brand” through a conventional way by lighting up the tint film through the hot bulb, then showing to the customers the effectiveness of the “Home -brand” of tint film that reducing the heat as much as 3M original tint film.

Raytech Ultra 70 Specification

Raytech Ultra 70 Specification

Many customers do not aware that those tint film sample that they put on the sample glass may not the same tint film that will be applying to the customer’s car window, and some of it’s actually affixed more than a layer of tint film attached on the sample glass.

That is the reason why there are many customers experience the unexpected bad heat shielding experience from the their car window tint after installed by the workshop. The heat inside the car does not reduce as much as expected by the customer after parked the car under hot sun for several hours.

Bad Heat Shielding inside the car

Bad Heat Shielding inside the car

It is sad to learn these unethical businessman are hogging around us, running the business in such a inappropriate way.

Importing the low grade film from unknown sources, which is so much cheaper window tint film that made from China, Korea and Taiwan. Moreover, these low grade film easily deteriorated, as fast as 1 year.

Different type of tint film samples

Different type of tint film samples

Some of these low grade tint films start show the bubble on the windows which caused the car looks really ugly and subsequently block the driver’s sight as well after a year. End of the day, these customers have to replace those tint film again within a short period of time.

Low quality window tint film is hazardous to our health too. Those unethical car window tint seller may simply claim the fake VLT, VLR, UVR, IRR and TSER rejection rate.

The heat rejection spec claimed by the tint sellers is false, and the spec may much lower than what they had claimed. Those business owners will convince and making empty promises to customers to ensure the deal is secured.

Fake/Home Brand Window Tint Film Fact

Fake/Home Brand Window Tint Film Fact

Now we have learned that these low quality tint films are bad for us.

Next, how are we going to identify the fake (home brand) window tint films before we made the wrong purchase?

Refer below for some Q&As to learn more about it:

Questions and Answers :

1. How do consumers know which car tinting brand is selling original USA product?

Ask few questions to the car window tint’s employees. The car window tint’s employees might claim that their products are made from USA, but when customers trying to get more info about the manufacturer, the employees were unable to provide an precise answer to the their customers. Most of them will respond to the customers such as “not sure le, have to ask Tauke”, and the ‘boss’  for sure is not around in the shop.

A good research is very important to ensure customers get the right and authentic car window tint film. Those people who really sell the genuine car window tint films are able reveal the supplier of USA manufacturer information confidently.

If consumers can’t find the manufacturer info for the brand, meaning that they may not buying the product from these USA manufacturer.

Search for USA manufacturer

Search for USA manufacturer

Example of genuine car window tint films made from :

  • -Raytech window film produces in Commonwealth Laminating and Coating, Inc, Martinsville, Virginia.
  • -Llumar film produces in Solutia Inc, Martinsville, Virginia.
  • -V-kool window film produces in Southwall Technology Inc, California
  • -3M window film produces in 3m, St Paul

2. How do consumers verify the product that purchased whether is it originally belongs to the genuine brand?

Surfing through the tint film manufacturer’s websites and identify the model/series of the car window tint film that customers wanted to install on their vehicle. Then customers should held ONLY to the authorized local car window tint film installation according to the address written from the website and request only the series of the car window tint film to be installed to the customers’ vehicle.

a) 3M Tint Films Spec Comparison 

b) Raytech Product list

c) V-kool Product List

d) Llumar Tint Films List

Search Original Brand Product list

Search Original Brand Product list

3. After consumer chosen the right original product,  How do consumer ensure the particular window film that fixed in my car is original?

Checkout the packaging of the car window tint film that will be install to the vehicles, an authorized window tint film from manufacturer will have perfect labeling and series # stated on the packaging of the film and on the film itself. During the installation, customers may have to observe the automotive window tint workers and ensure they are taking the film from that authentic packaging only and not from other boxes or leftover film.
These will minimized the possibility of getting installed the fake window tint film by the workshop to the customers’ vehicles.

Car Window Tint Film Original Packaging

Car Window Tint Film Original Packaging

4. How do consumers ensure the brand’s window film product specification like VLT, UVR, IRR and TSER is true and genuine?

(If car window tint film’s employees failed to answer for question #1, then customer can forget about question #4.)

Refer to the product specification that stated in authentic window tint film official websites.
Few tips for customers during shopping for window tint film sample:

  •    -Do practical testing of the window tint film under the spotlight that is really hot.
  •    -Request for Solar Meter device testing.

    Solar Power Meter Device

    Solar Power Meter Device

  •    -Request spotlight testing on customer vehicle after tinting installation done.

    Inside car BMT Reading showed 13

    Inside car BMT Reading showed 13

Now you know the differences between genuine tint film and the fake or so called ‘home-brand’ tint film. Next time, you know what you shall do when you shopping for automotive window tint film.

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  1. jason says:

    any input on Mazda homebrand -skytint? which is supposing made by Konica minolta

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hey Jason,
      I got no idea how well the skytint able to do its job…
      My advise for you would be go for the well recognized brand tint films 🙂

  2. Scott Sha says:

    It would be very interesting to do some consumer test of fake vs original window films – using measurements and data. I don´t think US products are that much better and – to be honest – we live in a time when we outsource everything. Most (or at least many) western companies make goods in China, or anywhere else in Asia.

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