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Ever wonder what is the life behind as Uber driver? Is it dangerous to drive along with other strangers in town? What if I bump into fellow taxi drivers and they start to beat me up? Is the Uber earning really that good? How can I make my riders happy? What if the passengers are unhappy and give me a bad rating?

These are all the questions I ever pop up before I register myself as Uber driver. Same like you, I was worry if it is safe to become a Uber driver since this is the first time I am going to use my car to earn money! I am excited yet worry at the same time. Yet, I took the action and registered myself as Uber driver in Penang.

Registration to become an Uber partner is easy.

First, a user must own a personal vehicle, that is less than 5 years old.
The user can then register himself/herself for FREE and entitle to receive RM300 ONLY from link! —>

Uber Partner Referal Registration Link

Don’t worry for some of you with the vehicle that is more than 5 years. If your vehicle is more than 5 years but still in perfect condition, then you are will be accepted as Uber Partner as well.

Once the registration is completed, user can receive an invitation email from Uber for account activation as below image:

Uber account activation email invitation

Uber account activation email invitation

The user then has brought along their vehicle insurance cover note, driving license and IC for documentations and verification purposes during the meetup.

After the documentations, the Uber’s staffs share about how to use the Uber application and share to us how to get the rating of “5 stars” from Uber’s riders.

The meet up was pretty fun and partners get to learn a few new friends from the meeting 🙂

Uber Partner Application

Uber Partner Application

After 2 weeks, drivers then will receive notification about their Uber Partner account is activated; and the driver can get started their very first Uber driver experience!

There are several hotspots in Penang where Uber drivers able to get higher chance of picking the Uber riders. Those hot spots are Tanjung Bungah, Georgetown Light Street, Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone.

I personally encourage drivers to hunt riders around Light Street, and Batu Ferringhi. These 2 areas are hottest spots as far I as experienced.

Uber drivers have to be in “ONLINE” status in order to pick Uber riders around the city.

Uber Partner App Online Status

Uber Partner App “Online” Status

I went to few of the places and I get to meet up different people that using the Uber service. Most of the Uber riders are friendly as well, and 70% of Uber riders that I picked were tourists while 30% only from local Penangite.

Most of them have bad experience from using the public transports, thus they opted to use Uber service instead.

Below is the example wherever there are Uber’s passenger is looking for Uber driver from the Uber Partner app:

Uber Passenger calling for service

Uber Passenger calling for service

Uber driver also has the option to pick or not to pick the riders. But in order to qualify for the incentive program from Uber, Uber driver has to accept at least 90% most of the trip from the riders.

From above image, the Uber driver is 4 minutes drive time away from the riders.

My Uber driver in Penang story:

In fact, I was worried as well during as the first timer Uber partner. The adrenaline rush activated when I received beep from Uber rider (above screenshot) during I  was roaming around the Bayan Lepas in daytime. Quickly I drove my car to the pickup point, which was located at the Putra Place Condominium.


This is the looks of how Uber partner drive their car 🙂

When I reached the Putra Place Condominium, the pickup point set by the rider was set in one of the units of the condominium, but I wasn’t able to get into the condominium because the Putra Place’s guards disallowed me to drive my car into the compound. So I have to give a call to the rider instead and told him that I will be waiting for him at the condominium entrance, and he is OK with it. 

Keep the doors and windows locked until the Uber riders arrived

Keep the doors and windows locked until the Uber riders arrived

***Oh ya, for safety purposes: I kept my car locked until the Uber passenger knocked my car window before I unlock my car.

Once the rider was inside the car, I do the ice breaking session. I introduce myself and we talked about Uber-related topics. I also have a casual chit chat with riders and occasionally I introduce them the best place to get nice foods around Penang island as well.

*Sam, the Uber passenger (not his real name) prefer to use Uber instead because the service is convenient and cheaper 20% compared to a normal taxi ride.  

We able to have good chat until we reached the destination set by the riders. He left and rated my service with 5 stars. Awesome!

Uber's driver rating 5.0

Uber’s driver rating 5.0

Uber’s Fact: Once the Uber driver accepted the beep, the Uber driver has to pick up the riders else he/she has the risk of being de-rated for bad rating from the riders.

The Uber app able to navigate the driver to the rider’s pick up location. Once the rider is picked up, the driver has to swipe to the right on their Uber Partner app to start the trip, and charges will be made to the rider from the app according to the distance and time of the journey.

Uber driver picking up passenger

Uber driver picking up rider

Uber app will navigate the driver to reach the destination as well. Uber Partner application works together with 3 navigation systems to assist the Uber driver to the destination:

  1. Google Maps
  2. Waze
  3. Uber own navigation app

In the car, some riders are quiet and some are talkative. It pretty fun as I get to meet different people while I was driving my car around the town. I picked a lot of Singaporean as well and, they are friendly. Most of them came to Penang Island for a holiday.

Oh yea, another important point: Driver just have to assure their smartphone’s battery stay alive throughout the journey.
**Tips of day: Keep the charging devices and cable in the car 🙂

Once the driver reached the selected destination, the driver has to swipe to the right to end the trip and the auto-calculation will be done from the Uber Partner app.

Awaiting Uber Passenger in Batu Ferringhi McDonald

Awaiting Uber Rider in Batu Ferringhi McDonald

The transaction was done in cashless, thus there is no cash required between driver and the riders.  This is another reason why Uber riders love to use Uber service.

Story: One of the most memorable in my Uber driver journey has I met 2 Guangzhou and a Hong Kong tourists who came to visit Penang for a holiday. I picked them up from Sungai Nibong bus station, and driving them around the town to show them our Penang city and must EAT foods places! 

They are excited to be around in Penang for the first time! And they even treated me a bowl of Hokkien Mee at Green House Prawn Noodles, Georgetown:

Made new friends with Uber Riders

Made new friends with Uber Riders

How lovely they are! This is one of the best experience I had as Uber driver 🙂

And yeah, sometimes we have to wait for the riders to beep us at the roadside as well. The waiting duration usually is between 5 min to 30 minutes. That time, we have to wait for stupidity there for the Uber beep to trigger us 🙁

Kelvin Ang sleepy face

Sleepy face during waiting for beep from Uber riders

So what are we doing during the waiting time for the Uber passengers to beep to us?

  1. We drive our car aimless around the city
  2. Stop our vehicle at petrol station, beside the “mamak”, or roadside
  3. Sleep in the vehicle
  4. Scroll facebook endlessly in the vehicle
  5. Smoke in the car (some of us?)
  6. Call up friends, and pretend we gonna meet up them cause we are there accidentally
  7. We crap in our Uber Drivers Wechat Group 🙂
  8. Snap thousand of car photos, like what I did? LOL

    Toyota Vios GT Street and Black TRD Wheels Sideview

    Toyota Vios GT Street and Black TRD Wheels Sideview

Below is one of the breakdowns of the Uber fare after every Uber trip:

Uber Fare

Uber Fare

During peak time, 6am to 9am and 5pm to 8pm or festival season, there will be surge around the cities and Uber partners able to earn much more!

Surge Area in Penang on Uber Partner App

Surge Area in Penang on Uber Partner App

Above highlighted area showed 2.1x surge, which means the fare that earned by the Uber partners during surge time are multiple by 2.1 times!

And the overall fare of the week of my very casual drive time (I only drive after working hours, and just spend 1-2 hours each of driving time. Moreover, I don’t drive during surge time else I going to much more!):

Overall Uber Fare

Overall Uber Fare

Below is the  overall the fare for 33 trips:

Summary of Uber Trip

Summary of Uber Trip

Uber take 20% of the total fare as their profit. But drivers are still earned some decent income, and they had fun along the journey just like I did!

Here are some of our friendly Uber drivers in Penang during the meet up with the team:

Open Session meeting with Uber drivers in Penang 3

Open Session meeting with Uber drivers in Penang 3

Uber driver can meet different people and chit chat with them along the ride, and it is definitely a fun way to earn money from the car!

A lot of our Uber partners earn up to RM5K per month in Penang, and RM8K in Kuala Lumpur!

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So, what are you waiting for?

Register to be your own boss, drive your beautiful car around the town and have fun with the Uber riders, and get ADDICTED to drive around with your beloved car and most important is GET PAID only from this link! –>

Be your own Boss Registration Link

I ASSURE you will earn the MONEY and have FUN to be Uber driver then! 100% safe and 100% legal earned income.

SPAD are officially approving Uber as legal transport service in Malaysia, of course with some regulations that yet to be finalized.

Don’t forget to hit ‘Like‘ at the bottom of the post and share this post to your pals who are looking for extra income and fun with the car and meet new people!

Oh yea, and please hit the above link and register yourself and be your own BOSS!

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57 thoughts on “Full Story Reviewed about Uber Driver Life in Penang!”

  1. SHARON says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    I am Sharon from Penang. I just as a Uber driver last week. But I didn’t start to drive yet. At the same time excited and afraid too. This is my wechat id honeysuger1212. Pls invite me to the group . Thank you.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Sharon, your Wechat ID cannot be found. Please provide the right Wechat ID.

  2. Jane says:

    Hi, kelvin… I read thru all yr comment is so interesting. Actually I had already registered as a uber driver in Penang. But one of my worrying is I’m a lady so I dare not to started my uber driver until today. I really loves to earn a little more if can. One of my concern is really hope I can get a good passenger. Hope I can train my braveness.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Jane,
      Thanks for the comment.
      It is common for the lady to worry to become Uber drivers, after all, we often heard all the cases happening around the country.

      To shield up yourself, I suggest you get yourself a good pepper spray and put on your driver compartment, where you can easily access.

      There are more and more lady drivers are driving around and having fun, don’t miss it 🙂

  3. amrit says:

    what uber contact number in penang i like to ask some details?

  4. lengsan says:

    hi,i am new uber driver. Can add me into uber wechart id:tanls88

  5. Lynn says:

    Hello, I asked regarding the availability of Uber before a while back and I am not sure if you remember. My boyfriend is considering flying to Penang from Singapore. However, I live in Perai and I am wondering what are the odds of Uber picking him up? The drivers do have the option to reject or not pick up therefore I fear he will have trouble finding someone to make that trip and end up homeless. I am unable to drive (SURPRISE, SURPRISE! – like most women, I must add) because I have lived most of my adult life in countries which do not require me to drive as their public transport is super efficient. He does not want to make the trip here then be left stranded at the airport or have to resort to paying RM100 for a cab to my place. Also, if you do have any connections with friends driving Uber who is up to the task or if you’re kind enough to make arrangements with me I’d love to arrange for a pickup for a fair price.

    Note: The flight he intends to take will likely end up with an arrival time of around 11pm more or less.

  6. Luis Woo says:

    hi, i’m new Uber driver in Penang. Pls add me WeChat. ID : Woodigital

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hello Luis,
      thanks for dropped by. The wechat group is full at the moment, I will add you once there is available slot.

  7. koh says:

    I was thinking of using Uber in Penang. But hearing news that driver and passenger was hassled or even beat up. Is it safe to take Uber service to Penang Airport ?

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Since Uber and Grab launched in Asia, we have heard riot everywhere, but the passengers and drivers are growing each day. As long as you are taking precautions when using the service, then you will be fine. Try get/drop on places where there is no taxi drivers 🙂

      1. koh says:

        But if drop in Penang airport, then there are lots of taxi drivers. Maybe pretend to be friends ?

        1. Kelvin Ang says:

          yea, if you can fake yourself or just drop slightly further away from taxi area 🙂

  8. joshua says:

    hi ya Uber service driver. I’m not a driver but if I need uber driver as of anytime who can I contact? is there a group for this? Actually the Uber apps is good but my mother in law don’t know how to use. She needs Uber driver service. I hope there’s a group from you all. Her normal Uber service required will be from Jetty near Nordin Street to Tesco at 11pm – 1130pm fetching her to nearby Tesco area.

    Weechatid: joshuaS13W

  9. joslim says:

    Hi Kelvin,
    Nice sharing.New Uber driver here.Can you add me to Uber chat group. Wechat ID : joslim9008

  10. Karuna says:

    Hi bro, i am new uber driver. Can add me into uber penang group.? My wechat id is karuna_Z

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Karuna,
      I has sent you friend in Wechat, please accept so that I can add you into the Uber group

  11. Ryan says:

    Hi Kelvin. New uber driver here, please add me to the Wechat group: taiko82003 to yea. Thanks a lot man =)

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Ryan,
      I has sent you friend in Wechat, please accept so that I can add you into the Uber group.

  12. Imran says:

    Hey I am Imran Uber driver in KL.How to do drive in Penang.please guide.Tq

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      You may register yourself again in the link given in this post, and the staff will activate your account for Penang territory. Happy driving 🙂

  13. knabe says:

    Still driving now for uber?

    1. Kelvin says:

      Hi knabe,
      Nope, I am working in Singapore now. Can only sit Uber, not driving Uber.
      Anything I can help you?

  14. Kingong says:

    Hi bro, i am new uber driver. Can add me into uber penang group.? My wechat id is kleinoong

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Kingong,
      The invitation has sent to your wechat. Have fun be Uber driver in Penang 🙂

      1. Ng says:

        Hi can add me to uber wechat group

  15. Edwin says:

    Lol,new uber driver,please add me to the group edvin-92 , thanks

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Edwin,
      Wechat request has sent to you 🙂

  16. william says:

    Hi Kelvin, can you help me buy give me Penang office contact number, I live at butterworth , and register as the Uber partner more than 3 week, but until now, I didn’t get even a single pick up, I do activate my Uber on line everyday I try to to search at website., but can’t get it, hope you can help me, Thks

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Willam,
      you may contact +60 12-711 0706

  17. alvin says:

    Hi Kelvin, I’m Alvin from penang, My friend was a uber driver but he switch back
    to factory work when uber started dropping price of car fares to 15% making it cheaper
    than any other car transport. He says that is not worth driving anymore coz just enough
    to cover petrol. What say you? Are you still Uber driver? I wanted to join partime since
    January but the fact of illegal and fares drop makes me hesitate. Still following Uber
    updates everyday to see whether is good time to join.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Alvin!
      Thanks for dropped by! I wasn’t driving for some time since months back. But I do really enjoy the becoming uber partner and interact with riders during the ride.
      The fare in Penang is very low, I gotta admit that. So don’t treat this as your main income. If you really to earn through Uber, go to KL! KL fare and demand are still high.

  18. Elaine says:

    Hi Kelvin, thanks for sharing your experiences. Wonder if my car is not registered under my name but company name, can i still register for uber driver? Also, it is safe for female to be Uber driver? TIA.


    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Elaine,
      thanks for dropped by and comment in this post.
      Uber Malaysia continuously to regulate their policy to assure their services meet the market’s needs.
      You can proceed to register as Uber partner with your company car, provided your company car has insurance coverage to your name 🙂

      It is absolute safe for ladies to become Uber partners, in fact there are a lot of Uber partners are ladies in Malaysia and other countries!

      Go register yourself at the link ( and have fun 🙂
      I can treat you yum cha too once I get the referral fee xD

  19. Zul says:

    Hai kelvin, does my pickup truck can be used as uber car? Double cabin inbetween.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Zul,
      it should be OK. Maybe they will put pickup truck under UberXL 🙂
      Just give a try and register yourself here!

  20. Ooi says:

    becareful with the red/blue taxi drivers, you break ppl’s rice bowls and drive Uber illegally as tax driver, it happened in KL and JB.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Ooi,
      thanks dropped by and comment to us.
      We are targeting different customers, and we can’t pick up any public passengers.
      We only pick up Uber passengers 🙂

      1. CHU says:

        How if catch by spad?
        Any support from Uber?

        1. Kelvin Ang says:

          Uber, Grab Car all these ride sharing apps are still under regulating between the SPAD. So using these apps are legal, but expecting more enforcement to be coming in soon.
          Yea, any things happen we can get support from Uber management 🙂

          1. Vince says:

            Hi Kelvin,
            I’m a new driver and was wondering about the uber wechat group, could you point me to it?
            and as for the SPAD, as long as we don’t take any cash from the riders, we aren’t breaking any laws

          2. Kelvin Ang says:

            Hi Vince,
            Sure! Share me your WeChat ID, I will invite you to the group 🙂

          3. Vince says:

            Hey there Kelvin,
            My Wechat ID is Vincent_Ang_JT

          4. Kelvin Ang says:

            Hi Vince,
            Request had sent to your WeChat. Please check 🙂

        2. chu says:

          about rating.

          can u share some inf. about rating.

          1. chu says:


            tis is my wechat id, pls invite me to d group too.


          2. Kelvin Ang says:

            Done! Enjoy yourself in the group 🙂

          3. Edwin says:

            Hey guys, I am a new uber driver, can anyone add me to the group. Thanks for edvin-92

  21. Richard says:

    Hi Kelvin.
    If the passenger is using rm20 free ride promotion code, do I still get the profit?

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hey Richard,
      yea! you will still earn the RM20.

      1. Richard says:

        The RM20 is given by uber company instead of the passenger?

        1. Kelvin Ang says:

          Yes, the RM20 is given by the Uber company. Uber has variety ways to market their service to users such as RM60 for Uber’s driver referral fees, RM20 for first time ride and so on…

  22. muhammad says:

    i don’t have any car, I live in malacca. how i want to become a uber driver?
    I see Gravcar/MyTeksi already conquer malacca.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      You need a car, muhammad. Else you can only be Uber passenger lol

  23. deepz says:

    bro if i want to use my car but its 2010…can they accept?

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hey Deepz,
      yea, they are OK with it as long as your vehicle is comfortable to pick up passenger.
      My Vios is 2010 too.

  24. Chin says:

    Awesome! Keep it on! ?

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